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Mr. Vallario has various rules and expectations. Some of which are coming into the classroom on time, sitting in your assigned seat, doing your work, raising their hand when asking/answering a question, being respectful to other students and him, and the last one is putting back any leftover materials that have not been used or have been used. Mr. Vallario does not post his rules instead he hands out a paper on the first day of class and goes over it with the students until the students understand. Some of the students follow the rules and some do not. One of the students almost takes his seat in class and shows up late a lot and when he does show up on time he is very disruptive. He had ADHD, which I later found out. Mr. Vallario told the …show more content…
Vallario’s class he showed the students how to draw a face. He explained it in four steps and as he was explaining it he was drawing the face strep by step on the board. He tells the students to follow the steps along with him. First they draw an oval outline that tapers down at the bottom. They do this because heads are never drawn circular; they are oval shaped, almost like an egg. Then they follow Mr. Vallario while he is drawing a line down the center of the oval. Then he cuts the oval in half again, this time by drawing a line horizontally across the oval. After that the class followed Mr. Vallario as he draws the nose at the point at which crosses the vertical on the oval. He then sketched out the base of the nose and a nostril both sides and divides the bottom quarter in half again. Then he draws bottom of the lips, which, rests on the dividing line he just drew. Then he finishes it off by drawing the top lip. As he explains each step to the student he makes sure they are listening and doing the proper steps. They all cooperate and go at the same pace so no one feels like they have to compete or draw really fast to get a good grade. He also wants them to understand the technique. Some of the more advanced kids help their peepers who have never drawn a face

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