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  • Percy Jackson Myths

    An example of an actual mythology in the first movie of Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief, is Medusa. In Mythology, Medusa and her two sisters were once very beautiful Gorgons, but were punished by Athena. Athena gave them snakes for hair and Medusa was the only one of the three Gorgons that wasn’t immortal. If anyone looked into Medusa’s eyes, they would be turned to stone. Later on, the demigod Perseus went to the Gorgon's cave and killed Medusa. In the movie, Percy and his friends must find…

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  • Analysis Of Violence By Nhat Hanh

    According to Nhat Hanh, when we watch a bad TV program, “we become the TV program…” (Hanh, 13). Hanh implies that watching violent entertainment can alter our mindsets and cause us to becoming more accepting of violence. He states that these bad TV programs are created to “make our hearts pound, our fist tighten, and leave us exhausted” (pg.14). Hanh believes that movie producers are not concerned about the detrimental effects that violence has on viewers, but instead solely care about the money…

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  • South African American Analysis

    I agree with you about the Hispanic comments ans questions. That was a bit much. People are too consumed with race and labels now. However, I disagree with you on a few other points. If they were having a real conversation about race and racism then it would have made sense, but they were just labeling people and trying to pit them against each other. There is absolutely still a problem with racism- Carson, Cruz, and Rubio are subjected to it all the time. All three men have rose to prominent…

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  • UNLV Accounting Case Study

    When most people hear “accountant” they imagine a sunlight-deprived, backroom, number-cruncher whose condemned to a life of long math, and staring at excel sheets. Fortunately, this is not true. Accounting is a diverse field with a plethora of different responsibilities that range from investigating tax fraud in large corporations to providing critical analysis of data to financial decision makers. Despite the wide range of jobs in the accounting profession, UNLV’s accounting major prepares its…

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  • Truth In The Liars Club

    place and time can have many different accounts of the same scene even a tragic event (MADEO). The memoir’s truth lies within the author and the reader must trust the stories they say at face value. Memoir is a gamble and the reader is in the author’s casino. The lens of the memoir involves truth, memory and how past, memories are connected to the future or present self. Truth and lies are in the memoir. The workings of memory in the memoir are evident in the first rape of Mary Karr. She tells…

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  • Native American Flute Research Paper

    The native American flute, a wooden instrument of the Native American indigenous tribes has been around for hundreds of years. No one knows the exact time reference to when they were first made or began. Certain native tribes believed the woodpecker was the first to make a flute, they would drill holes in a hollow tree branch looking for insects, and when a wind blew over the branch, sound was made. The Lakota people made what is known as the “Love Flute.” Young men would stand by the river with…

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  • Personal Narrative: Trixie

    Do you still have Vicki's e-mail that says we had the 8:30 and 8:40 tee times on Tuesday? I can't find it anywhere, but I'm sure that's what it said. If the times Vicki told us were wrong, that's not our fault. We've had those same tee times on Tuesdays for the last three years... We waited on the tee until 8:25 and then left. Trixie should have signed in, loaded up, and been ready to go way before 8:25. The only players directly behind us were two guys, and I never did see Trixie or any…

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  • Write A Personal Narrative Essay On Herat

    I was a young girl attending school in Herat, one of the provinces of my country, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Herat has been known for education, knowledge, wisdom, and the kindness of their kind people for centuries now. Besides His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and the Saint Mother Tresa, one of the finest, and kindest Afghan humanitarian on the peaceful planet of ours living in Washington, happens to be from Herat. A peaceful fighter in the land of peaceful fighters also claiming to be…

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  • Erma Johnson

    Erma Johnson was born in Racine, Wisconsin in 1933. Shortly after, his family relocated to Arkansas, the place where he grew up. They were extremely poor sharecroppers, often Johnson would have to pick cotton all day just to help his family barely make a living. One time, after working for a man for a week, the man refused to pay him, and being black, he had no recourse, he just had to accept it. His family often could not afford basic necessities like shoes. In spite of this, his father was an…

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  • Argumentative Essay About Football Safety

    With every given topic in every aspect of life, there are two sides: for and against. There is always a congregation of those who support the said topic, accompanied alternatively by those who hold opposing views. When addressed with the topic of the safety of football, many will argue that the game is safe because it is a very popular mass cultural pastime among many traditional American families. In my opinion, football is among some of the most dangerous sports that exist. The dangers of…

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