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  • Police Misconduct Pros And Cons

    America’s law enforcement agency has seen better days. Days’ where the way they went about police issues was not as visible as it is now. But, with news media outlets, and the publics ability to become instant news journalist by record police/civilian encounters with their smartphones, the public has been able to see a problem. Some of these questionable videos that show forms of police misconduct such as excessive force, police brutality and racial profiling, have had Americans to fight back…

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  • Unwilling-Unable Distinction Analysis

    psychologist developed in order to explain the concept “unwilling-unable distinction”. People tend to reflect on what their thinking because they are reluctant or inadequate to do so. For example, if an employee notices a person who gambles at the particular casino everyday and they happened to ask if they have been coming their everyday. The gambler could completely avoids the question all together because they fear being judged and the feeling of embarrassment. Now if the gambler unconsciously…

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  • Donald Trump : A Good President

    Felipe Maramba ESLW-310 Prof. Smedley Donald Trump will be a good president In January 2017, Donald Trump is our newly elected commander in chief and the president of the United States of America will be residing at the white house and taking command of the oval office. He is the people choice to make “America a great nation” once again. He attracted a lot of blue collar workers who voted for him that he is the man that could pull it off. Moreover, to…

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  • Essay On Native American Culture

    The effect the European American’s culture had on the Native Americans is still very prominent today because the stereotypical American Indian still persists both in life and literature. By erasing their languages and teaching European ways exclusively, the Native American culture has slowly disappeared. The culture has been slowly degraded by an increase of acceptance of Native American stereotypical attributes such as alcoholism, laziness, and gambling addictions among others. Indigenous…

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  • Examples Of Poverty In Sherman Alexis

    Sherman Alexis is about a boy named Arnold Spirit, also known as Junior. He is a Native American that lives in the Indian Reservation. Junior, his family, and even the community, faced poverty and struggled financially throughout the novel. The theme Poverty is demonstrated through Junior's experiences with his family, community, and himself; showing that poverty squashed hope on the reservation, but Junior willingly fights for freedom and gives readers hope that things will change. In the…

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  • Deviance In Sociology

    activity that you can found at mostly any event attended. Movie theaters and supermarkets are legally able to sell alcoholic beverages to their patrons, whereby making the consumption more acceptable. This social activity is openly accepted at many casinos and they offer this beverage free. Conclusion Ignorance of the meaning has allowed us to stereotype, label and be prejudice towards others. Keeping an open mind to others and their cultures, likes and dislikes is what makes us unique…

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  • Philosocial Interview Research Paper

    Today I will be interviewing Lucy Gallo, a 67 Hispanic women, born in Puerto Rico. She has been living in the main land of the United State for the last 50 years. Lucy has 3 children and 4 grandchildren, ranging from 2 to 27 years of age. She describes herself as Hispanic and doesn’t see any difference from ethnic and race. When Lucy attended school in Puerto Rico, not all children could go to school, the few children that would be permitted to attend school where all from the same…

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  • Notorious Jumping Frog Of Calaveras County Summary

    Jim was an avid high stakes gambler, but he wasn’t a casino guy. Jim was a guy who would buy animals train them to their peak performance and then compete with them and place bets. During the story he had three animals he had a horse, dog, and a frog. The horse was a great runner but he blew out his internals…

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  • 7 Sins Research Paper

    7 Sins Review It is not unusual for a casino software developer to base a project on universal themes, common knowledge, or particularly famous works of fiction. The guys at Play’n GO clearly did so when they released 7 Sins, a video slot that draws from the Christian belief of the existence of 7 deadly sins. It is certainly ironic to see this theme proposed as the foundation for a gambling game, but 7 Sins still manages to be a graphically appealing and easy to play title, which doesn’t…

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  • Tragedy In Richard Van Camp's Short Story 'Mermaids'

    Tragedy is intended to expose humans of their fallibility and hubris. In the short story “Mermaids”, Richard Van Camp illustrates a young man, Torchy forgets his grandfather’s warning to him after giving Torchy a bless to win in the gamble. Torchy’s lust for money and sex leads himself to his own tragedy. “Mermaids” is a tragedy because Torchy’s tragic flaw undermines his judgment that leads to his misfortune; however, it elicits fear and pity in the end that enables readers to experience…

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