Martin Ford's Rise Of The Robots

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“I suggest a new strategy, Artoo: let the Wookie win,” said C3PO the sassy droid from the Star Wars Saga. ( )Machines, robots, automation, sensors, computers, they are everywhere! The book Rise of the Robots, written by Martin Ford tackles the age-old question if the threat of a jobless future is on the horizon. An Oxford study concluded that nearly half of all occupations in the United States are “potentially automatable” perhaps within “a decade or two.” With today’s technology every job from garbage maintenance to blackjack dealers is being threatened. ()Granted, C3P0 was programed to have a feisty personality, I remain unconvinced that robots will be trained to have personality and charisma to deal the game of blackjack. Innovative and exciting inventions are on the horizon but for the time being: table games dealers take a sigh of relief because your job is safe from the evil job taking robots. Most customer's come to gamble at casinos to be entertained by friendly and outgoing dealers. Furthermore, the “high roller” clientele is not ready for what they say to be “creepy robots.” And finally, robots cannot offer the casino as much game protection …show more content…
Fortunately for myself and my co-workers, Mr. R2 I think your number of probability is wrong. Automation and the whole idea of robots being able to do deal a game of blackjack is thrilling and exciting, but take heed they will not overhaul the industry. Robot dealers is a fad whose buzz will fizzle out like the 80’s mullet hairstyle. Mechanization, computerization, robotics is more practical industries where profit grows with rapid and efficient flow. However, in the blackjack industry where the backbone of the business is pure customer service, robots will only play a small role. Sitting down and playing a few hands of blackjack with C3P0 would be fun at first but quickly lose its

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