Cardiac surgery

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  • A Career Essay For A Nurse Anesthetist

    examination. They can work in various places from the operating room, dentist’s office, birthing centers, or plastic surgery centers. The educational requirements for a cardiac surgeon must complete four years of college, four years of medical school, five-year residency and additional two to three year specializing further in pediatric cardiology. Also heart transplant surgeries may require additional training. The median annual salary for a nurse anesthetist can be $50 to $60 per hour…

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  • Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy Research Paper

    Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy Zachary Uecker Genetic Disease Abstract Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy is a genetic disease that targets skeletal muscles and over time, the muscles lose protein and are replaced by fats and connective tissue, making the skeletal muscles unusable. In this paper, the parts of Duchenne’s that will be covered are the method of transmission, statistics about Duchenne’s in the population, the pathophysiology, the body systems…

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  • Surgical Site Infection Paper

    normal blood sugar levels of the diabetic patients who undergoes surgery, it is possible to prevent the SSI (Al-Zaru, Ammouri, Al-Hassan, & Amr, 2009). Reason for Attention The rate of surgical site infection (SSI) serves as a performance measure of a hospital. It reflects the quality and the standard of health care delivered to the patients. Hence, to compare the…

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  • Dr. Michael Ellis Debakey Case Study

    attention to the most profound cardiovascular surgeon of our era, Dr. Michael Ellis DeBakey. He was fondly remembered as a “Cardiac Guru, Pioneer in Innovation and Trailblazer”2. He was the father of open-heart surgery3, first heart transplant and inventor of roller pump for heart lung machine4. A ground breaking researcher but also the man who changed the rules of the surgery…

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  • Craniopagus Twins Case Study

    conduct this operation successfully consisted of: a team of seven pediatric anesthesiologists, five neurosurgeons, two cardiac surgeons, five plastic surgeons and an array of nurses and technicians (a total of 50 people in the operating room) For several months, he got together a team of doctors and nurses and rehearsed the operation. Ben Carson said in his interview,” during the surgery, Ben Carson offered to allow his boss to make the crucial cut at the vein that conjoined the twins. Ben said…

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  • Medical Robots Research Paper

    Surgeons spend many years in school working to become the absolute best that they can be so that they may have the opportunity to better the lives of others. To incorporate a robot into surgery, that surgeon would have to go back through extensive training to learn how to use these machines. The surgeries then take longer to perform due to the lack of experience of the operator with the machinery, and the cost is much higher than if the perfectly capable doctor were to operate on the patient…

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  • The Benefits Of Robotic Surgery

    argument is that robotic surgery is more precise, which reduces rick, incision and shortens recovery. Upon, searching for information in the library data bases, I found it useful to use keywords such as, “Robots and Surgery.” When I typed these two words in the search engine it made it easier, as it provided me with a lists of different…

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  • Importance Of Anesthesiologist Essay

    Anesthesiologist’s Role in Medicine In the complex field of medicine, different professions specialize in a variety of procedures, but one of the most important fields in medicine is Anesthesiology. Anesthesiology is the study of anesthetics to be used in a medical procedure. Even though this branch of medicine is primarily occupied by nurse anesthetists, the doctors who specialize in this certain field are anesthesiologists. Without the anesthesiologist many operational procedures would be too…

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  • Organ System And Nervous System

    Falling at number eight on the thirteen steps of complexity are organ systems. These organ systems are extremely important in the makeup of organisms. Two very important organ systems are the muscular and nervous systems. Both have separate functions and organs and also have their own fair share of problems. The muscular system composes of the tissues and organs that are used to exert a force, whether under voluntary or involuntary control. Muscles are composed of long, slender cells called…

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  • DBS Disadvantages

    such conditions irrespective of clinical results are. Such device-related problems can cause significant patient morbidity and increased cost of therapy in the form of prolonged antibiotics, in-patient hospitalization, device replacement and repeat surgery. Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of a DBS technique ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES The stimulations of DBS are adjustable.It can be programmed noninvasively to alter stimulation in the brain to maximize therapy and minimize side effects.…

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