Cardiac surgery

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  • Mylan Pharmaceuticals: A Case Study

    Mylan Pharmaceuticals has been in the spotlight lately, but not exactly in a positive way. The media and consumers have made it known that they don’t appreciate excessive price hikes in one of the many drugs Mylan produces. The EpiPen is designed for patients who have a severe allergic reaction to some substance or extreme cases of asthma attacks. Unfortunately for those that need the drug, prices have increased from $57 in 2007 to about $616 for a two-pack today—an increase of 1,080%. Just…

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  • Intrinsic Heart Experiment

    Intrinsic Cardiac Activity: The first peak of the electrocardiogram graph corresponded to the atrial contraction of the heart. The second peak of the electrocardiogram graph corresponded to the ventricular contraction of the heart. The third peak observed corresponded to the relaxation of the heart. Frank-Starling Mechanism: There was no significant trend observed in ventricular contractile force in response to increasing imposed length of the heart (Fig 1a). A maximum ventricular contractile…

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  • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Research Paper

    an X-linked disorder caused by mutations of the human gene that produces a dystrophin protein, which help produce muscle fibers. The lack of this protein causes weakens of cardiac and skeletal muscle fiber. This protein is necessary for…

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  • Manners Of Death Essay

    mechanism of death are congestive heart failure, cardiac arrhythmias. B. What exactly does mechanism of death tells. Mechanism of death basically tells what caused the body to actually shut down or expire. For instance a gunshot to the head can cause a person to bleed to death or cause internal bleeding. Blunt trauma to the back of the head can cause internal blood flow into the lungs causes a person to drown to death from their own blood. If a person has a cardiac arrest and passes away the…

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  • Essay On Stem Cells

    us to gather new facts about the human body. Therefore, to completely understand how these cells affect our bodies, one must first be aware of the different types of muscles, which include skeletal, cardiac, and smooth muscles. Skeletal muscle is a muscle that is connected to the skeleton, while cardiac muscle, also called myocardial, is the muscular tissue of…

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  • What Is Stretching?

    Muscular injuries are one of the leading injuries faced by amateur and elite athletes today (Dadebo, White, & George, 2004; Mayo, Seijas, & Alvarez, 2014; Woods, Bishop, & Jones, 2007). Before athletes even step on to the field, the court, the stage, or in front of the crowd, they have already been in the game mind set for the last hour going through their pregame routine. Pregame routines vary greatly, but almost all contain some combination of sport appropriate warm-ups and stretches. Warming…

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  • DNR In Health Care

    For the major focal point of this discourse, as explained before, advance directives are used to convey the patient and families’ preference in treatment, including to do or not resuscitate when the patient may suffer from cardiac or respiratory arrest after. The aim of CPR is to save the patient, but the evidence shows that the implementation of CPR does not ensure a high rate of survival to hospital discharge (Enohumah et al., 2006; Landry, Parker, & Phillips, 1992; McNally et al., 2011). Due…

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  • Why People Wear Weighted Clothing

    There are many reasons why people choose to wear weighted clothing and the most important ones include the fact that it helps building strength, toning muscles, building bone mass, and so on. But what exactly is the weighted clothing? Well, in simple words, the weighted clothing is clothing with built-in weights added to different parts of the body in order to increase the intensity during a resistance training. Moreover, the weighting clothing is adjustable for the user and comes in a wide…

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  • Muscle Cells Lab Report

    Introduction Some of the most important organs in the human body are muscles. Muscles usually make up 30-50% of the body and are responsible for producing skeletal movement, maintaining body position, and regulating body temperature. In a lab, the process of muscle contraction was investigated by exploring the sliding filament theory. An experiment was conducted to determine whether muscle length played a role in the amount of force a muscle produces. In order to fully understand how a muscle…

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  • Stimulus Strength Investigation Report

    The results from the first experiment confirmed the hypothesis, to a certain extent, in that increasing stimulus strength will increase the force generated by the gastrocnemius muscle and visa versa till 0.2V, where the force germinated starts to decrease. As shown in Table 2 and Figure 2, the strength of the stimulus started from 0.00 V to 1.00V with 0.05 V and 0.10V intervals. At 0.10V the force generated by the muscle increases rapidly from 0mN to 288.33mN. The force generated by the muscle…

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