Cardiac surgery

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  • Epithelium-Tissue: Whole Surface Of The Body

    Organ Trail WebQuest Worksheet Epithelium-Tissue that covers the whole surface of the body.It has alot of cells in one or more layers. Describe the four types of tissues. Function- Epithelium tissue covers the whole surface of your body and it also protects your skin. Characteristics-The Characteristics traits covers and lines and all body surfaces. The cells are packed together and it the tissue can repair itself. Classification -The classification types are squamous,cuboidal,…

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  • Airway Management Case

    Discussion Vascular access, along with airway management is a standard of emergency care, and is an essential part of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in many groups of patients. Peripheral vascular access is the most efficient means of gaining vascular access as it’s induces minimal trauma, is the safest method of gaining access to venous circulation. It may however be difficult in stressful situations and require several attempts despite its widespread usage failure may result in prehospital…

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  • Dogs Muscular System

    muscles, smooth, skeletal, and cardiac. The smooth muscles are usually found within the walls of internal organs like the blood vessels and the stomach. Smooth muscles are also involuntary. It is like this in the humans as well as the dogs. The skeletal muscles are connected to the skeletal system. These muscles are controlled voluntarily by a dog when the dog runs, eats, walk, or plays. Just like smooth muscle this is in the humans for the same reason. The cardiac muscle is in the heart and…

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  • Essay On Muscle Tissue

    different muscle tissues, skeletal, cardiac, and smooth. Skeletal muscle tissue cells are long, striated, and have many nuclei. Cardiac muscle tissue, just like the skeletal is also in striations. These cells are short and branched. Unlike, the skeletal muscle tissue these cells die single nucleated. They are connected by intercalated discs. Smooth muscle tissue is not striated. Its Cells are short and spindle shaped. The cardiac muscle is also nucleated. In a Cardiac Muscle is a…

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  • Robotic Surgery Research

    Table of Contents Introduction 3 History of Robotics Surgery 4 Applications of Robotic Surgery in the recent years: 5 General Surgery: 5 Cardiothoracic surgery: 5 Cardiology: 5 Colon and Rectal Surgery: 6 Gastroinestinal surgery: 6 Gynecology: 6 Neurosurgery: 6 Pediatrics: 6 Literature Review 6 Disadvantages of Robotic surgery 9 Time 9 Cost 9 References 10 Introduction What is Robotics???? It is a branch of engineering (mechanical, electrical and computer science) that deals with…

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  • Liposuction Research Paper

    when you’re thinking about this procedure, is the cost. The average cost of the procedure is around $2,971, according to 2014 records from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The costs include anesthesia fees, hospital or surgery center fees, medical tests, post-surgery needs, prescription drugs/medications, and a surgeon’s fee. A surgeon’s fee is based off of their experience, the type of liposuction procedure, and the office location. With almost any procedure, there are different types…

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  • Cardiac Arrhythmia Essay

    Cardiac Dysrhythmia Cardiac Dysrhythmia also known as cardiac arrhythmia is a group of of conditions where the heartbeat is irregular and or too fast or too slow. Tachycardia is known as a heart rate that is over 100 beats per minute for adults ,while Bradycardia is too slow with below 60 beats per minute. Majority of arrhythmia issues are not serious, but some predispose one to complications like heart failure or a stroke. Arrhythmia are the leading cause of sudden cardiac death, with 400,000…

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  • Synovial Joint Case Studies

    Synovial joint consists of a joint capsule, a joint cavity and a layer of cartilage over the ends of two joining bones. These joints are lined with synovial fluid. The articular cartilage over the joint ends absorbs jolts as it acts like elastic and it also provides a smooth surface for the joints to move frictionlessly. This fluid also helps in lubricating and protecting the bones. Cartilage is softer and much more flexible than a bone. The major role of cartilage is to form a model for later…

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  • Essay On Muscle Contraction

    “A muscle is a tissue composed of cells or fibres, the contraction of which produces movement in the body.” (Dictionary) There are three different types of muscle; voluntary skeletal muscle, involuntary smooth muscle and cardiac muscle. Muscles have many different functions within the body. One function of muscle is movement. It is the only tissue in the body which is able to contract and therefore can move more than other body parts. Another function is the maintenance of posture. The muscles…

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  • Silent Killer Essay

    insidiously and have deadly effects. It is important to know that the signs and symptoms of heart disease present themselves different in men versus women (Nursing Update, 2008). More often than not, men will experience chest pain or discomfort in cardiac crisis while women will experience nausea, vomiting, and back or jaw pain. Men are more susceptible to developing heart disease after the age of 55, whereas women are more susceptible after the age of 65. Common risk factors for heart disease…

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