Cardiac surgery

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  • Exercise Affects The Human Body

    Exercise effects the human body in many fascinating ways; as it causes the body to adapt and alter to aid the body’s stimulation. Take when carrying out the Harvard step test practical. This test is where a person carries out a period of exercise for a certain length of time and then records their heart rate before and for so long after the period. This shows how fit and healthy the heart is by showing how long it takes for the heart to go back to a regular resting pulse rate. “The…

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  • Ethics In Nursing

    harm to the patient. The nurse made a poor decision when she did not give the medication as ordered, and when she failed to report a continual increase in the patient’s heart rate, and when she failed to ensure documentation of the items such as the cardiac monitor when the patient was transferred to the telemetry unit. All of the negligence resulted in the demise of the patient. The intensive care unit nurse also stated in the case that she was not experienced enough to be working in the unit,…

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  • Bjork-Shiley Heart Valve Case Study

    Every year, thousands people get heart valve replacements. There are multiple options for replacement valves that can be generalized as either mechanical or biological. One of the mechanical options from the 1970s and 1980s was the Bjork-Shiley valve, which became infamous because of the controversy surrounding its stress fracture failures. These failures resulted the death of about 400 people, causing the valve to be taken off the market. The decisions made leading to this issue must be…

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  • Sarcoidosis Research Paper

    corticosteroid treatment. APES will not resolve on its own and requires restarting corticosteroid treatment. 4 Five percent of patients may die of respiratory insufficiency. 3 Patients with myocardial sarcoidosis may develop restrictive cardiomyopathy, cardiac dysrhythmias, and conduction disorders.6 All patients with sarcoidosis will require long-term follow-up. Minimal follow-up includes a year physical exam, PFTs, CMP, eye exam, chest radiograph, and electrocardiogram to look for further…

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  • Skeletal System Research Paper

    Skeletal System The skeletal system is made up of 206 bones. It also includes cartilage, ligaments and tendons. The two main parts of the skeletal system are the axial skeleton with 80 bones and the appendicular skeleton with 126 bones. The primary purpose of the skeletal system is to provide the body with support, protection, movement, storage for minerals and lipids, and to produce red blood cells. The axial skeleton includes the skull, thoracic cage and vertebral column. The…

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  • Essay On Firefighter Training

    Firefighters-from career veterans with twenty or more years, to volunteers with only a few months under their belts-go through intense, rigorous, and extremely important training. What could happen if firefighters just did the minimum amount of training required and that was all they trained? THE DENVER DRILL On 28 September 1992, in Denver Colorado, a three-alarm fire broke out. During attempts to locate and rescue survivors, Mark Langvardt, a 16-year veteran firefighter, was separated from…

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  • Muscular Dystrophies

    There are more than 30 different genetic diseases that are classified as muscular dystrophies. Muscular dystrophy is the weakness and degeneration of the skeletal muscles that often control movement. In muscular dystrophy, abnormal genes, also called mutations, interfere with the production of the proteins that are needed to form healthy muscle in the body. There are many kinds of muscular dystrophies and symptoms are more than likely begin during childhood. With different kinds of muscular…

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  • Skeletal Muscle System

    The skeletal muscle system is made of many skeletal muscle fibers which have at least one neuromuscular junction. A neuromuscular junction is the area of the skeletal muscle fiber that is innervated by a motor neuron (motor nerve). It plays a key role in body movement and breathing along with our nervous system. The synaptic knob, motor end plate, and the synaptic cleft are all key parts of the neuromuscular junction. The synaptic knob of an axon connects with a skeletal muscle fiber to form the…

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  • Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids Analysis

    The following article will discuss the effects that Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids can have on muscle development in the human body. Anabolic-androgenic steroids are commonly known for being taken for personal use but, there are many medical conditions where anabolic-androgenic steroids must be used and this will also be discussed. Anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) are synthetic drugs related to the male sex hormones called androgens and the term anabolic, refers to the growth of skeletal…

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  • Targeted Temperature Management Case Study

    The article that I choose was called “Targeted Temperature Management at 33°C versus 36°C after Cardiac Arrest”. The objective of the article was to find at which temperature was it better to induce hypothermia on a patient who had gone into cardiac arrest in an out-of-hospital scenario to prevent neurological damage and the. The researchers hoped that if by inducing hypothermia early on after the cardiac arrest and loss of consciousness there would be little to no brain damage. The researchers…

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