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  • Relationship Between Australia And Germany

    They work together in the United Union and other forums including the G20, the Global Carbon Capture and the Storage Institute (GCCSI) and the IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency). In 2013, Germany and Australia signed a Strategic Partnership to mark the anniversary of Australian- German bilateral relations for the 60th year. (Australian…

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  • Robert Brutus: The Creation Of The Constitution

    Brutus, a pseudonym for Robert Gates, was an Anti-Federalist who was against the signing of the Constitution. He wrote to the citizens of New York many documents on his views and why the United States should not be under this new government. In his first paper, he talked about how Congress, the new body of government, could undermine the States under certain circumstances. Also he proposed reasons why this new way of ruling could not rule over such a vast territory that this brand new country…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The American Revolution

    British Parliament, were a violation of their rights as Englishmen. The Colonies lack of representation in the British Parliament should have precluded the body’s right to tax them. This idea prompted the popular slogan of “No Taxation Without Representation”. Instead the slogan’s supporters contended if Britain wanted to tax the Colonies, she needed to pass legislation in the American’s own local Assemblies; Assemblies which they regarded as the equals of Parliament. Although a significant…

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  • The Consequences Of Junk Bonds In South Africa

    Junk South Africa South Africa 's government bond yields have risen to their highest levels in almost five years as worries grow that the rating agencies could bar the country 's to junk status(-BBB) (Frankel, 2005), this is due to the ongoing drought, civil service wage increase and most of all corruption (Chand, 1999). South Africa’s economic growth has been slowing down and yet the finance mister Pravin Gordhan reduced deficit by cutting down government which means a further GDP slowdown…

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  • James Wetzler, Thomas Piketty's Wealth Taxe Proposal?

    I. Introduction To counter the rising problem of economic equality, a global wealth tax is a proposal that has been widely received and considered a viable solution. This tax however, aimed at diminishing the high rate of accumulated wealth by top decile earners, may not be as effective as it purports in theory for a number of reasons: there is limited evidence proving the desired effects will be achieved, all countries must agree upon a uniform system and share information, studies have shown…

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  • The Charity Of The Extremely Wealthy Analysis

    Annotated Bibliography The fundamental objective of the article The Charity of the Extremely Wealthy, by Tom Coupe and Claire Monteiro (1/), in essence shows the charity of the extremely billionaires who built their own fortune as opposed to billionaires who are beneficiaries of their parent's wealth. This article explores the differences regarding spending and charity giving between self-made billionaires and billionaires who inherit wealth from their families. According to the authors, "it is…

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  • Gdp Growth In Australia

    The cause and effect of GDP growth in economies varies as a result of the consumption of many factors include government, population, HDI, unemployment and the circular flow of income. Each aspect of the economy will affect the GDP growth positively or negatively which will eventually result in stability of different economies. The government plays an important role in the economy. By implementing subsidies, cutting taxes, introducing welfare programs, funding education and providing merit goods…

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  • Death And Tax

    Christopher Bullock famously said “Tis impossible to be sure of anything but Death and Taxes”. Recent advances in genetic engineering or genology promises us of immortality by slowing down the process of ageing. Today we cannot be sure that death will be inevitable in the future. The situation with respect to taxes is exactly the opposite. After all why do we pay taxes? The justification for taxation varied at different points of time. In ancient times, taxes were collected for funding war…

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  • Relevant Facts: Armando Perez A Citizen Of Colombia

    Relevant Facts Armando Perez a citizen of Colombia who has owned three Real Estate Properties in the US titled to his name. Colombia does not have a tax treaty with the US. Properties A, B, and C were purchased on January 1, 2014 and their adjusted bases and fair market value are $97,800/150,000, $86,223/135,000 and $52,077/155,000 respectively. There is no depreciation recapture on any of the properties and they are currently rented and no significant improvements have been made to the…

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  • Persuasive And Argumentative

    argumentative essay is that I believe what I wrote is true (Hasa, 2015). I am not trying to convince my readers of my idea rather debate the facts. My paper is for adults who like to read on political issues, and for people who care about where their tax dollars are…

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