The Importance Of Homelessness In The United States

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Our goal today is to persuade everyone to call, write, and email or visit their Senator or Representative and let their voice be heard about spending our tax dollar money outside of the U.S. and wastefully inside the U.S. when there are people and items here that need attention first. The U.S. spends billions oversees to help other nations, with food, medical supplies, military equipment, and just plain money, why? We understand humanitarian efforts and help thy neighbor, however not sure why we spend so much giving military equipment and cash to other nations, while there are those right here at home in need. In our personal lives we cannot give our money away if we need it to take care of our family and backyard first. So how and why does …show more content…
in 2014 7 million people were doubled up with family and friends with a risk of homelessness
d. there were 6.6 million households in poverty paying over 50% of their income for housing e. Veteran homelessness has decreased steadily
f. but still 24.8 homeless veterans per 10,000 veterans in 2015
3. From the report actually to Congress on homelessness in the US is “The 2013 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR)” with even more statistics. a. In January 2013 there were 610,042 homeless on any given night
b. Almost 400,000 where living in some sort of assisted shelter
c. Over 200,000 where living unsheltered such as under bridges, in cars, or abandoned buildings
d. In January 2013 there were 57,849 homeless veterans on any given night
e. Over 12% of all homeless adults
f. 60% of homeless veterans were in assisted shelters
g. 40% were in unsheltered locations
h. In January 2013 there were about 200,000 homeless children below the age of 24
i. Of these about 47,000 were not accompanied by an adult.
j. About 41,000 were between 18 and 24 years of age
k. About 6,200 were under 18 years of age
D. Now let’s talk about childcare and CPS issues. 1. According to “Child Welfare: An Overview of
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So we are paying interest to them for money we borrowed and then gave back to them 4. They get some of their money back and get the interest. 5. Examples: China, Turkey, and Israel 5. Make sense – We don’t think so

(Satisfaction) II. The solution to ending or working towards an end of these needs in the
United States is to stop funding other countries and stop wasting money here in the U.S. as well, funding our own country first and appropriately.
A. Depending on which side you are on the spending in other countries of American taxpayer money can be argued either way as in “Guess How Much Of Uncle Sam’s Money Goes To Foreign Aid. Guess Again!” by Poncie Rutsch on National Public Radio (NPR).
1. Only 1% of the Federal Budget is spent on foreign aid
2. Doesn’t sound like much does it
3. In 2016 the federal budget was $4 Trillion dollars (12 Zeros)
4. 1% equals $40 billion dollars
5. In 2014 the US spent $3.1 billion on HIV/Aids and other diseases
6. $2.7 billion goes to infrastructure projects like roads, electricity, phone and internet.
7. $2.7 billion goes to humanitarian assistance called “Protection, Assistance, and Solutions” caring for refugees that fled

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