Protecting The Environment Essay

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The United States has an intricate economy. Many factors must come together to form that full picture that is the economy. Examples of such components include taxes, government instituted welfare programs, environment protection, military spending, and international trade policies. These are the major categories that affect the United States’ economy. Since they do have an effect of the economy, changes in how taxes are determined, welfare programs conducted, the amount of environmental protection expected, funds spent on the military, and the policies made on international trade can change the economy for a better. The citizens of a country prosper when the economy does so it is paramount for the government to do all that it can to improve …show more content…
While this is commonly in reference to military, it also can apply to the environment. The federal government is already involved in protecting the environment, more needs done. The health of the environment impacts the wellbeing of all its inhabitants, including humans and any disturbances in it can be felt throughout generations. Clean air, pure water, and wildlife are resources that must be had. The government has to ensure that these resources can be available because elsewise the resources will dwindle and cease to exist. There are three specific actions the government can take to better protect the environment. One would be to limit the amount of carcinogens currently being emitted. Carcinogens are compounds known to lead to cancerous growths. Benzene, bisphenol A, or BPA, and vinyl chloride are chemicals used in the various processes of developing plastics and all are carcinogens ("Examples of Environmental Carcinogens"). It needs to be required for these chemicals to be phased out and replaced with safer chemicals as any breaking down of the plastics can cause the benzene, BPA, or vinyl chloride to be released. More regulation is also needed for car exhausts due to the carcinogens they still release. Formaldehyde is an example of a carcinogen released by car exhausts, a chemical that should not be in the air people breathe ("Examples of Environmental Carcinogens"). On the topic of automobiles, the fuel economy of cars should be raised, and done so in a timely manner. The Corporate Average Fuel Economy, or CAFE, is in the process of being raised, but this increase is slow (Vlasic). 54.5 miles per gallon is to be the CAFE in 2025 and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles is able to be halved when this change is made (Vlasic). This attainment should be met earlier in order to decrease greenhouse emissions even more so. Greenhouse gases pollute the

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