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  • Base Of The Pyramid Essay

    BASE OF THE PYRAMID MARKET In order to develop the concept of Base of the Pyramid (BoP), we need to outline the four main consumer tiers that make up the Pyramid: tier 1 is characterized by the upper-income people from developed countries and the rich from developing countries, tier 2 and 3 are composed by the middle-income consumers which were the main target for Multinational Corporations (MNCs), tier 4 is the most interesting one according to this research since they are the focus and new…

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  • Adams Inc. Case Study

    owners only one of them is not related to the Adams family; this is Fred Murray. According to the information, Fred Murray is one of the shareholders and wants to sell his stock back to the corporation. His shares have a FMV of $200,000 dollars and a tax basis of $50,000; the redemption is planned for December 31st, which is the end of the year. This paper is going to address about whether the possibility of determining dividend or capital gain form the information provided, the three Internal…

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  • Sucha Partners Case

    Memorandum 1: On Advice to Sucha Tees: Standing and Probability of Success in Suit against BVD Partners, Bertie, TMI, and Vinnie (1) Sucha Tees v. BVD Partners, 2) Sucha Tees v. Bertie, 3) Sucha Tees v. TMI, 4) Sucha Tees v. Vinnie) I. Issue and Relevant Questions Sucha Tees seeks payment for $1000 spent on their custom t-shirts? Do all four defendants—Vinnie Pacciotto, Bertie Vastar, TMI, and BVD Partners—all assume liability for the payment? If so, how will payment be divided? If not, who…

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  • Unusual Tax Deductions

    Wacky Tax Deductions Unusual Tax Deductions Generate Unexpected Income People have successfully claimed some pretty zany deductions, and in the interests of lightening up the dry topic of preparing taxes, we 'd like to examine the lighter side of business and tax planning by covering some of these deductions. Of course, there is a point to reviewing these wacky deductions -- you’ll get a better of idea of how the IRS applies tax law to your tax claims. You can deduct those claims that the IRS…

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  • Casimaty V. FCT 97 ATC 5135: Case Study

    In the case of Casimaty v FCT 97 ATC 5135, the taxpayer was doing fencing and farming business, which his father inherited an amount of 998 acres land that was known as “Acton View” (Australian Tax Casebook p.162). He then purchased another 40 acres of land, which he built a homestead. As time goes by, he suffered some sort of difficulties as there were drought, severe financial debts, and as well as poor health condition. As he had no alternatives, so he decided to sell-off portions of the land…

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  • Flat Tax Hardships

    Hardships on Flat Tax In 2010, the top 20% of the nation 's population owned 85.1% of the nation 's income and 80% of the nation’s population only owned 14.9% of the nation’s wealth. Five years later, the top 1% of the United States nation now owns more additional income than the bottom 90% of the nation 's population. Enacting a flat tax would make people pay the same percentage of their income. Even though a flat tax would enhance the economy 's long-term advancement, a flat tax should not be…

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  • Andrew Jackson Failures

    The United States of America had a vision to empower the people, to protect themselves from a tyranical government. This vision had slowly disipated since the inaugeration of Washington. The power laid between a few wealthy individuals, the bank controlled the nation’s funds with a puppeteer like intention, and the common man had very few inlets of influnce for the government. Andrew Jackson, coming from a background of mild wealth, hard work, and military service sought to fix how far the…

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  • Petromoneda Case Study

    Prolonged Regulatory Uncertainty There are potential ramifications for ‘prolonged regulatory uncertainty’ that often starts weighing on the project itself. For instance, in United States, issuers of ICOs are ill benefitted as close to 40% (effective tax rate) raised through ICOs go to the govt.’s coffers, which wouldn’t have happened in the case of PE-VC investments or an IPO stake sale. This is because regulators are not certain on considering tokens as securities, and thereby consider the…

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  • The Importance Of Taxation In Economic Growth

    I understood that the higher the tax revenues are paid by both individual and corporates reduces investments’ rates and increases jobs. More money is invested into education and health care. This issue discussed is very important to our national grid. In my previous paper I elaborated the importance of taxation in infrastructure, public education and health care commonly for economic growth, however there…

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  • Real Estate Tax Research Paper

    Real Estate Tax Strategies Achieving Financial Strength Through Real Estate Tax Strategies The right tax strategy can help you build true wealth because you can deduct hundreds of everyday personal and business expenses and interest payments, generate cash flow from rentals while building equity and realize tax-free capital gains on the sale of primary homes every two years. Any financial portfolio benefits by including real estate to hedge and balance the investments. In real estate, agents…

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