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  • Analysis Of The Cambodian Genocide

    Jews that the Nazis perpetrated. The group that instigated this genocide was the Khmer Rouge, they rose to power from the Americans constantly bombing Cambodia and killing up to 750,000 Cambodians, thus driving people to flock to this guerrilla force because they wanted to change the Cambodian government that was allowing the US to bomb Cambodia. They ended up overthrowing the Lon Nol Government and the Khmer Rouge could put their Maoist and Stalinist plan into action. They were also partially…

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  • Essay On Vietnamese Refugees

    Cambodian refugees and Vietnamese refugees also share differing experiences when it pertains to the topic of hardships faced when fleeing one’s homeland. Although both groups faced complications when fleeing their homeland, the complications and obstacles they faced were distinct. As for the Cambodian refugees, an abundant amount died during the journey to freedom. According to Kuy, “An estimated 3 million died during the Killing Fields, from torture, execution, starvation and disease. Some…

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  • Abandoned Landmine In Vietnam

    1. Introduction Although Vietnam is very famous for many things, such as Vietnamese cuisines, language, culture, destinations, a lot of people only remember Vietnam for one of the worst memories in every Vietnamese mind: the Vietnam War. In spite of the fact that this war was ended in 1975 which was about 40 years ago; the consequences of this war have been still affecting people until now. Together with the long–term impacts on the environment and changes in human genetics of veterans as a…

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  • Analysis Of Arn Chorn-Pond In 'Never Fall Down'

    break them? Luckily, most do not have to answer these questions, but Arn Chorn-Pond in the Never Fall Down by Patricia McCormick did. About 40 years ago, in Cambodia, there was an oppressive regime known as the Khmer Rouge. ‘Oppressive’ is not even a harsh enough word to describe the atrocities they committed. Over 25% of the population of Cambodia died in a four year span. The terror started…

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  • Essay On Intersectionality In America

    Cambodian and Vietnamese refugees who were brought to the America as a result of American wars in that region. This is followed by a summary of my key arguments before drawing conclusions to my essay. Background The South-East Asian refugees from Cambodia and Vietnam were brought to the U.S after a U.S. military invasion of those countries. They were settled in the South Bronx in New York City. But, contrary to their expectations—that they were leaving a war zone and coming to a place of peace,…

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  • Lakshmi Questions And Answers

    1. How did you see power being used and/or abused in this book? How would you feel if you were the main character? In the book Sold the person with the power changes throughout the book. At the beginning the person with the power was Lakshmi’s stepfather. He is not able to work but he uses Ama and Lakshmi to his advantage. Ama serves him even though he does not provide anything to the family. He takes the money for himself and gambles it away. He then sells Lakshmi into prostitution without Ama…

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  • Vietnamese Diet Chart

    Vietnam is the easternmost country of Southeast Asia with China facing North and Laos and Cambodia neighbors in the West. Because Vietnam located along the costal areas, which is ideal for growing rice, Rice has become the main staple food of Vietnamese throughout the history, especially in the South where the Red River delta in the north and…

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  • Peacekeeping In Cambodia Essay

    Peacekeeping force in Cambodia took a new shift in the way that it approached the situation happening. To discuss Cambodia, it was ruined by several wars in the country and this place became the new goal for the UN to rescue it and take full control. This project was different than everything else that had begun because it required that the UN reconstruct the whole country from top to bottom. With Cambodia there were two operations which effected it, this includes The United Nations Transitional…

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  • The Importance Of Food In Cambodia

    People in Cambodia believe food should not be wasted, if so we assume those people are unappreciative of their food. Majority of the population grow fruits and vegetable right in their backyard which makes it easier for them to prepare their food. Thereby, I’ve realize when I eat food in Cambodia, the dishes taste better than in America because it is tastier and fresh. The fruits are sweeter, the vegetables…

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  • Cambodian American Culture Conclusion

    Social Inclusion: The social inclusion of Cambodian Americans into an American society is different from many other South eastern countries. The Cambodians was one of the many ethnic groups to be labeled as refugees, and because they were refugees they tend to stay to themselves. Cambodians value their family structures so they do not want to give up their previous ways of life. Assimilating to the American culture is very difficult to many Cambodian families, due to cultural differences,…

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