Cambodian Genocide Research Paper

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The Cambodian Genocide was an event where a mass amount of Cambodians were killed for their ethnic differences. The website states, “The Cambodian Genocide took place in Cambodia, a country in Southeast Asia. It began shortly after Cambodia’s seizure of power from the government of Lon Nol in 1975 and lasted until the Khmer Rouge was overthrown by the Vietnamese in 1978. North Vietnamese forces seized South Vietnam’s capital, Saigon, and by the Khmer Rouge and its leader, Pol Pot, in 1975.” Around 156,000 Cambodians died in the civil war, more than half being civilians. Like the Cambodian Genocide, a student from one of the Freedom Writers tells from their perspective about driving with their African American friends when a Mexican gang drives by and shoots at them. The driver, being shot, had to be taken to the hospital by the writer. This is an example of how people killed one another for race and ethnicity rather than personality.
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The events that have taken place in my lifetime that has changed the world would have to be the terror attack of 9/11. Even though it happened across the nation, everyone around the country were watching live on tv and afraid of the terrorists’ next moves. This not only affected our nation, but has also affected several others out there as a warning.
One of the major themes of Freedom Writers would be acceptance. Learning and adjusting to the world around us can help us further understand everyone’s stories and background knowledge. In Freedom Writers, Gruwell accepts her students from different ethnic backgrounds and transforms them to achieve academic success together as a class. Gruwell also gave her students hope as both students and growing adults for the future

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