The Cambodian Comparison Towards Nazi Holocaust

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Drew Humphrey
HY 104-01 Baun
1 November 2017
Cambodian Comparison Towards German Genocide Throughout the twentieth century the world experienced mass amounts of violence through the involvement of multiple countries in wars scattered throughout Europe its surrounding area. Both the genocide that occurred in Cambodia and the Nazi Regime’s Holocaust showed the idea of violence through similar themes of degradation of human life and conditions prisoners were placed in and motivation to expel minorities to complete their goal. By comparing the experiences of violence and war through a western and non-western example the idea surrounding violence in this era can be more closely distinguished. Through similar stories of survivors of each of these
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Just as the Nazi’s coined the idea of death camps, the Cambodian Genocide experienced a similar fate for its prisoners called “the killing fields.” These were the “rural areas in which prisoners quickly began to die from disease and being overworked and unnourished” (Needle 1). This is like the Nazi concentration camps where “starved and skinny, the living conditions of the Jews could not have been worse” (Goehring 1). This malnourishment that the prisoners experienced in the Nazi camps shows the awful treatment they had to endure while being forced to perform hard labor for the Nazi regime. In both the killing fields and the concentration camps prisoners were treated as cattle rather than humans, and this dehumanization shows the main similarity of both these examples. Another prominent and similar theme, the Nazis and Khmer Rouge regimes tried to exterminate those that challenged their way towards power. In the case of the Nazi’s Hitler targeted minorities such as “Jews, gypsies, Polish people, and those of Slavic descent” (Shanley 1) that challenged his ideology of a perfect world. To create his master race Hitler decided these minorities posed a threat to it, and was encouraged to do anything in his power to rid these people from attempting to ruin his dream. This is like the way in which people were singled out in Cambodia such as “doctors, …show more content…
Pol Pot was inspired by “the Cultural Revolution of Communist China” (Needle 1) and played of this movement to achieve the spread of communism throughout Cambodia. His main tactic was to get rid of all intelligent peoples, scared they would outwit and overrule him somehow. On the other hand, the Nazi’s goal was to create a type of utopia that consisted only of white Protestant Germans in which no minorities were present. This was done by secluding all minorities to work camps where they would eventually be killed, stopping the threat against Hitler’s master race. This difference explains what each group was fighting for and the different groups they wished to expel from getting in their way of the end

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