Reflective Essay About Travel Experience

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I discovered a deep passion for traveling and rooting with locals and the country. I always knew my capability to learn languages notably fast, and having an interest for it, but I learned from the trip that I really have the disposition to absorb and connect with others. A specific lesson from the trip or better said, a quote that stuck with me was from Youk Chhang, director of Documentation Center of Cambodia, who said: Peace is a “one good night sleep and, then wake up with no fears.” I love this quote and I adopted as a true statement. Youk is a survivor of the Khmer Rouge and he witnessed the killing of his pregnant sister. Though he has not had a good night sleep in years, and the consideration of revenge is something that had always …show more content…
I would consider myself the light that is on top of the mountain lighting thanks to God’s grace given to me. However, even though I knew that I was already shining in a way or another because of Him. I realized that the intensity of glow can always increase. I was stuck to a certain strength. I recognized that I was limiting myself more than I thought. The whole trip became like an eye-opener in which I noticed that I could do so much more in life. Before the trip I knew what were some of my aspirations, but those dreams stayed there and in the back of my head I would think how in the world I could carry out my goals, and how impossible it would be. Now, every day it passes by I think how mediocre I am compared to the person I assumed I was. I believed my positive thoughts, sympathy, kindness, and love towards people was making me a great person already. Yet, little did I know I was settling for that. I have found out myself more active in being an advocate and being proud of it. I recognize that it is not enough and that there is so much more I can do, but most importantly I understand that I can make myself glow more …show more content…
I always knew I had the heart to help people. This trip is helping me figure out a little more about where do I go from here. It is still unclear of the next step, but it is for sure that I won’t be the same and that I won’t be satisfied with crumbs. I would definitely not be able to stay motionless and not be active in the work to improve the world further. I know that I won’t be able to save the world but I recognize that I can bring a seed of hope like many others are doing already. If more people get united for a same purpose, we can make a change and I want to be one of those people. My life priority now is trying to discover what I can bring to the world. For now, a classmate (Breanne) and I are aiming to create a project in Cambodia so that we are able to implement some positive change to the country. It is to our interest that after we have experienced what Cambodians are going through, that we do something regarding it. We want to start by implementing an initiative on cleaning up Cambodia. As of now, there is a city’s waste crisis and they need to work on the issue as soon as possible. Breanne and I would like to come up with a proposal and get NGO’s to support us. However, the future vision is to reach trafficked people offer them a job that will regard making sure that the situation is being controlled. In this way we can help trafficked people get them involved in the community and

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