Essay On My Favourite Vacation Destination

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Cameron, Louisiana Who doesn’t like a trip to the ocean to just enjoy yourself? My favorite budget vacation spot in the world, Cameron, Louisiana, is beautiful,peaceful,relaxing, and calming, and lots of fun. Some of the most beautiful things in Cameron, Louisiana, is the beach, the dolphins and boats, and all the seashells. First of all, at the beach the beautiful white sand almost looks like snow covering the winter ground. You begin to notice that on the sand of the beach there is numerous types of different shapes and colors of seashells. Then as you walk the beach scouring the sand with your eyes trying to find the best shaped and prettiest colored seashell that you can. Then you look up and realize the waves are rolling …show more content…
At the beach you get to play in the sand or swim in the water. Building sandcastles in the sand is one of my favorite things to do. You also get to watch the Dolphins and the fisherman's as they pull in sharks or whatever fish they might catch. Playing in the water riding the waves then it's also fun. In Cameron Louisiana there's dishes beside the road where you're able to go crabbing and catch crabs. The only thing you need to go crabbing is trotline and chicken necks. You tie the chicken necks on to the Trotline and throw it out in the water and you wait for the tug from the crabs. Once you feel the tug you slowly pull the line in making sure the crab doesn't get off as someone uses a dip net and catches the crab. You can either put them in an ice chest and take him home to eat or you can throw them back and leave them for the next tourist to catch. Also as you enter Cameron you get to ride the ferry across. Riding the ferry is fun because you get to watch the Dolphins as they jump in front of and beside the ferry. I personally enjoy and think it's fun to watch the fairy as it takes the cars back and forth across the water. The only thing is you have to be prepared for the horn because if you're not prepared it will scare you however if you are prepared it's very fun to hear. Cameron Louisiana is a cheap vacation town that has lots of fun and exciting and relaxing things to do. My favorite cheap vacation spot is Cameron Louisiana due to it being beautiful peaceful relaxing and calm calming and fun. Maybe one day you will be willing to give Cameron Louisiana a try and visit it for

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