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  • Review Of Lieutenant Philip Caputo's A Rumor Of War

    A Rumor of War by Philip Caputo retells a piece of American history from the point of view of a marine. In Vietnam, Lieutenant Philip J. Caputo aged decades in a matter of years. He witnesses many deaths. Some were caused by the Viet Cong, but others by marines. This book “does not pretend to be history” (xiii) because it does not have to. It is not an adventure book written so the good guy always wins. History is told by the people who were involved in the event and Philip Caputo was a marine…

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  • Character Analysis Of If I Die In A Combat Zone 'By Tim O' Brien

    The book “If I die in a Combat Zone” written by Vietnam veteran Tim O’Brien walks the reader through the main stages that a normal individual has to go through from the day he is drafted until the day he comes home from the war. The author, who is also the protagonist of the story, explains how hard it was to be a soldier in the Vietnam war. He also focuses on the fact that some soldiers thought the war was wrong. In this memoir O’Brien gives the audience an overview of his thoughts during…

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  • The Role Of Prostitution In Vietnam

    It is debatable as to whether or not America won the war in Vietnam. While there were many factors that played a part in the success, or failure of the war one factor that affected the war greatly was the public opinion on the war. While the Vietnam War garnered a vast amount of hate from the American population that viewed the war as a battle that did not involve the American people, the war garnered hate in Vietnam for other reasons. The American view on masculinity, among other American…

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  • Phi Lam My Father Research Paper

    Phi Lam, my father, is a fifty year old Vietnamese refugee from Vietnam who fled his war-torn country in search for a place of safety and opportunity. In order to learn more about my own culture and how exactly I came to be an Asian-American, I have chosen my father to be my interviewee. It all started in 1975, when the Viet Cong won the Vietnam War. With my father’s family supporting the South, despite the North’s victory, he was forced into a rough life. His family was split; the men in the…

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  • Land Clearance Engineers In Vietnam

    In 1965 the US Army decided to send engineers to South Vietnam for the influx of US troops. With the draw down from the Korean War they had to some adjusting with equipment and bases. They needed to train up all different engineer jobs and get the equipment from all the engineer reserve unit. With all the different MOS’s there were two engineer jobs that were an asset Bridge and Land Clearance Engineers. There were many different missions for both types of engineers. There were miles and miles…

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  • American Patriotism In Vietnam

    Patriotism has many definitions. The dictionary says that it is love and support of one’s country. But patriotism means more than what is just in the dictionary. Someone in America might associate it with freedom and democracy, while someone in Vietnam might associate it with loyalty to Communist principles. However, all definitions follow the same thread: loyalty to one’s country. Patriots are people who fight for their country, through words or through actions. The sense of American patriotism…

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  • The Vietnam Generation Summary

    The Vietnam was an unusual time for the Americans. It was not really agreed upon by all the citizens to go to war with Vietnam. Not all the people agreed with all the decisions whether it is the tactics that were used or all the deaths that occurred. As Young points out in her article, she talks about how terrible the conditions were and its after effects that it has had on those that served (515). She also discusses how it is hard to imagine what happened. It might be due to the fact of…

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  • Hybridity In Vietnam

    The Hybridity of Vietnam and American In the United States, there are nearly 41 million immigrants in 2012 (Nwosu). When people come into a new country, they will have their own culture, and it can change after time is passed over, but it is not completely change. It just meshes with another culture. According to the book, “East Eat West”, by Andrew Lam, he said, “the theme of hybridity is central to a global society, and a large part of that entails accommodating one’s tongue to the…

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  • Rafael Correa Research Paper

    For the past ten years Ecuador was ruled by Rafael Correa who constantly was taking away the rights of his citizens. He denied his constituents free speech and attacked those who spoke out against him. He also limited health care and had terrible prison conditions. Even though Correa treated his people poorly he was still very much loved. Before he stepped down as president in May of 2017 he was still popular with a 50% approval rating ( Correa decided to step down…

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  • Analysis Of Nick Turse's Essay 'Kill Anything That Moves'

    In the essay Kill Anything That Moves written by Nick Turse, he specifically chooses to write about how throughout the years the atrocities and attacks were so horrendous and miserable. This is actually quite depressing to read this portion of his writing. To actually read about the true experiences of these soldiers and about how they would lie and kill without reason. On page 110, Caputo, who was a young marine officer in 1965, received instruction that the Vietnamese were not to be fired upon…

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