Essay On Vietnamese Refugees

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Cambodian refugees and Vietnamese refugees also share differing experiences when it pertains to the topic of hardships faced when fleeing one’s homeland. Although both groups faced complications when fleeing their homeland, the complications and obstacles they faced were distinct. As for the Cambodian refugees, an abundant amount died during the journey to freedom. According to Kuy, “An estimated 3 million died during the Killing Fields, from torture, execution, starvation and disease. Some committed suicide to escape the nightmare” (Kuy 3). On the other hand, there were survivors. Kuy’s mother was one of the survivors who was able to escape the treacherous country. Having her family’s safety as her number one concern, she persisted through the …show more content…
“Two weeks later, errant border patrol shells hit the camp. One shell detonated near our tent. Shielding her children with her body, my mom sustained most of the impact of the RPG explosive and was severely wounded” (Kuy 4). After the life-threatening journey, they still did not believe that they were safe until they were in America. “We lived in four different refugee camps for a year and a half before the news: We had been sponsored to the United States by a Christian missionary group” (Kuy 4). They knew that they would be safe once they had reached America. On the other hand, the Vietnamese refugees faced different issues during their escape from their homeland. A staggering statistic states, “It is estimated that half of the boat people were drowned at sea or killed during their journey to find freedom” (Cao 6). Moreover, Cao stated that, while fleeing Vietnam by boat, there were numerous cases of robbery and pirate raids. Based on Uong experience, fleeing into America was not an easy journey. “Those who escaped death by drowning had to endure multiple robberies, rape, or assault at the hands of the Thai pirates (an estimate two-thirds

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