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  • American Revolution Disobedience

    Disobedience is a core value almost all human naturally have. No amount of rules or strict consequences can stop a person from rebellion. Oscar Wilde said that disobedience is a valuable human trait that promotes social progress. His claim is absolutely valid. From revolution, to civil rights, to even defying parents, disobedience is a valuable character trait that all must bear in order for social progress to be made. One of the most candid forms of disobedience is a revolution. The most…

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  • Mao Zedong's Negative Impact On China

    Mao had a few positive impacts but his negative impacts overpowered them causing Mao Zedong to have an overall negative impact on China because he killed many people, and caused desolation during his reign. For instance, just after he became the ruler of China, he had given most rights to the peasants. In order to achieve this, he had killed all of the capitalists and landlords that resisted and opposed to him. Since he is killing his own people, he has a negative impact on the country. In…

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  • Touch The Dragon And Gilberts Eat Pray Love Analysis

    Sometimes people try new things in their lives but they not always end up liking the experience in the beginning. As seen in Connelly’s Touch the Dragon and Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love, Connelly in Thailand and Gilbert in India, both experience different cultures in their lives. Even though both of them experience two different cultures, they struggle similarly as travelers in another nation. Connelly and Gilbert hate the culture of the places they are living in. As time passes, they learn its…

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  • Essay On The Pros And Cons Of The French Revolution

    the reign of terror’, revolutionary courts were assembled to protect the republic from its internal enemies. Many victims were persons who had opposed the radical activities of the sans-culottes. Approximately 16,00 people were officially killed and the bulk of terror’s executions took place in the areas of Lyons and Marseilles. The terror was at its most destructive in the Vendee’. In this reign, nobody was spared, women, priests, monks, children, all had been put to death. No doubt that this…

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  • Vietnam War Unwinnable Essay

    The statement that The Vietnam War was unwinnable is true to some extent. The Vietnam War was a 20 year long war which lasted from 1955 to 1975. There were multiple factors that attributed to the conflict being unwinnable, these include the nature of the Vietcong fighters, the strong protest movement and the role of the media in shaping public opinion. A factor that made the Vietnam War unwinnable was the nature of the Vietcong fighters. The American and Australian forces found it difficult to…

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  • Tourism In Cambodia Essay

    aromatic cuisine, mystical temples, a cosmopolitan capital and a long history that culminated in recent tragedies, Cambodia is one of the most exciting tourism destinations in Southeast Asia. Enthusiasts of ancient civilizations will be delighted with the amazing architectural heritage left from Buddhist and Hindu emperors, but there are other attractions and plenty to do in Cambodia: historical tours through the country, a dive in the beautiful beaches, or a boat ride through fascinating…

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  • Poverty Policy In Cambodia

    The goal of this memo is to better understand how the poor behave in order to create better governmental anti-poverty policies in the Kingdom of Cambodia. To this end, I outline how poor populations make decisions regarding food, health, and education as put forth by Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo in Poor Economics. After looking at Cambodia’s poverty data and its Education Strategic Plan for 2014-2018, I will make two recommendations towards reducing secondary-school dropout rates, which…

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  • Sophan Chevone Chea Research Paper

    and my father were born in Cambodia, a country located in Southeast Asia, to Chinese-Cambodian parents. Both of their families immigrated to America in order to have a better life not only for them, but for their children 's future. Heritage is something to be proud of in our diverse nation. Sophan Chevone Chea is my mom 's maiden name. She was born in Cambodia to a Cambodian mother and Chinese father. “Chea” is a Chinese surname common in China and Cambodia. In Khmer, the chea means…

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  • Tolerance During The Holocaust In Cambodia

    another's beliefs or ideas, even if you don't always agree. Have you ever been placed in situation like this? Many people have, including famous people in history like Anne Frank and Adolf Hitler. Another situation like this was the Holocaust in Cambodia. Not many people are aware about this. Being tolerative is a good trait to have in situations like these. Anne Frank was a young girl, that was born in Frankfurt, Germany, to her parents Otto and Edith Frank. Her family went into hiding in…

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  • The My Lai Massacre During The Vietnam War

    During the Vietnam War, about 14 years after the war started, a platoon of 140 men from Charlie Company of the United States Army went into a small village called My Lai and slaughtered 504 Vietnamese men, women, and children in a village that consisted of 700 inhabitants. The My Lai Massacre was a tragic event that altered the lives of not only the men involved, but also the American public as the truth about that day finally came to surface. My Lai, also known as Pinkville, is located in the…

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