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  • How Did Pol Pot Cause The Cambodian Genocide

    person’s life. The Khmer Rouge evacuated Phnom Penh by forcing all of the residents to leave behind everything they had and march towards their countryside. They created “Year Zero,” meaning, they set the calendars back in order to change and make a new Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot did this by making money have no value, taking away private property, outlawing most reading material and religion, taking children away from their homes and forcing them to be in the military. They also had…

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  • The Khmer Rouge Genocide

    ethnic group of nation. The Khmer Rouge was a Communist Party of Kampuchea in Cambodia. It was formed in 1968 when they started to struggle against the French colonization and was influenced by the Vietnamese. The Khmer Rouge genocide happened in the capital city of Phnom Penh. It was a four year long regime in Cambodia that took place from April 17,1975 to January 1979. The Khmer Rouge government tormented and harassed Cambodia during their short reign of power, killing many innocent lives.…

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  • The Khmer Rouge: A Justification Of The Vietnam War

    Vietnam war was to prevent the spread of communism, the U.S. defeat was to produce nothing of the kind: apart from the fact that Cambodia and Laos became embroiled, the effects were essentially confined to Vietnam”. This is a famous speaker of Martin Jacques, a famous editor, academic, author in England. This quote tells us about problems of Cambodia after Vietnam war, Cambodia was controlled by Khmer Rouge, a communist group from 1975-1979. Many people have been killed because they against the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Cambodian Labor Camps

    gravel road with tears in your eyes as you are told you are going to a forced labor camp where beatings happen everyday, many Cambodians have to face this reality. The Khmer Rouge group took over Cambodia and made the civilian lives a living hell. The Khmer Rouge group was a terrorist group that led Cambodia. They forced Cambodians out of their homes an put them into labor camps. The labor camps were hell on land, they imitated concentration camps in many ways. The civilians were destroyed…

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  • Meas Sokha Analysis

    was. The Khmer Rouge ruled for too long before Vietnam invaded them in 1979 (“GENOCIDE-CAMBODIA”). Vietnam tried to come in strong to overthrow the Khmer Rouge, but the Khmer Rouge had some allies who tried to help them. The Khmer Rouge’s allies, The United States and the United Kingdom, defended the Khmer Rouge because of their joining dislike of Vietnam and their history with the Vietnam War (“GENOCIDE-CAMBODIA”). In the end, the Khmer Rouge was not powerful enough compared to Vietnam, so the…

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  • Summary Of First They Killed My Father By Loung Ung

    Rouge tore families apart, killed innocent children and left many to die due to famine. Between 1975 and 1978, there was an estimated number of two million cambodians that died out of the 8 million population. Vietnamese troops invaded the country of Cambodia in 1978 that captured Phnom Penh beginning of the following year. The author makes certain to accentuate the events that took place…

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  • Pol Pot Propaganda

    Arts were flatten to a political level only and any creative thoughts was purely related to the propaganda proposes.Thus, after years of dictatorship in Cambodia, cultural and artistic values were eclipsed by violence and Cambodian heritage was nearly destroyed: painters, craftsmen, singer, poets, dancer and all the other profession were vanishing. Most of the them died by the hand of the regime but still…

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  • Loung Ung Lucky Child Quotes

    her sister Chou are separated when Loung is given the opportunity to go to America with her brother and her sister in law. Chou is forced to stay in Cambodia with the rest of their family where the war is still going on, and lives her life in fear. AS Loung instantly becomes accustomed to the American way, Chou must stays responsible back in Cambodia, such as wanting to show respect to her family by taking care of the younger children while cooking and at age 18 she…

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  • History: The Khmer Rouge

    listed as one of the most horrific events in history. These sources portray the violent acts of this group. Each of these sources will allow me to incorporate the historical timeline of how the group formed and how much destruction was caused in Cambodia into the essay. Having this information will provide the audience a better understanding of the horrendous magnitude the country and its people went through. Chaumeau, Christine. "More Denial." Far Eastern Economic Review 164.29 (2001): 26-7.…

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  • Angka Child Soldiers

    soldier so you can soon help fight the war. You will learn many more things there than the children here” (Ung 130). Cambodian children, just like Loung Ung, were forced into combat through the use of propaganda and persuasion. At many camps throughout Cambodia, children were taught to love and respect the Angkar; they were instructed to put the Khmer Rouge before themselves and die for the cause. These young children were brainwashed to believe the Angkar loves and protects, so going into the…

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