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  • Difference Between Islam And Sikhism

    Goode 2 THROUGH THE LENSE OF PROTHERO AND SMITH: ISLAM AND SIKHISM Myka Goode Religion 212: World Religion Dr. Rachel Brown December 8, 2017 THROUGH THE LENSE OF PROTHERO AND SMITH: ISLAM AND SIKHISM Essentially the Same and Fundamentally Different This research is meant to be a comparative essay between two religions, Islam and Sikhism. The religions are dissected to showcase that while there may be some differences, specifically the origin of the religion or how…

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  • ISIS Research Papers

    ISIS- Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, once called the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham, is a group of men, women, and children whom believe they are trying to change the world to a better place and change the political geography. They have been compared to Al-Qaeda also, but in reality they are much worse and much more destructive than Al-Qaeda ever was. ISIS has taken Al-Qaeda’s beliefs and amplified them to a radicalism. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is the man responsible for starting Isis. In…

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  • The Rise Of Crypto-Judaism

    Two courses of action, it was argued, were required. First, crypto-Judaism could only be overcome by the introduction of an Inquisition; second, Jewish influence over the conversos could only be overcome by their expulsion. These ideas, adumbrated in works such as Alonso de Espina's Fortalitium Fidei, continued to gain ground, and on 27 September 1480 the Catholic Monarchs appointed Inquisitors in Castile who began their work in Seville shortly after (1481). Conversos, often subjected to torture…

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  • Challenges Of Prophet Islam

    All praise to Allah for His guidance towards straight path. He is the only One who gives protection and guides to the believers. Peace and blessing to Prophet Muhammad as a Messenger of Allah, a compassionate, saviour and guider to right path. He is an icon for human race to emulate. Ever since the advent of Islam to this world, Islam faced many challenges from its foes, that is, the disbelievers. The disbelievers want to extinguish Islam and its foundation from this world. However, Allah will…

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