The Islamic Faith

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I choose to complete my report on the Islamic faith because I feel that it is a relevant topic. It seems like every time I turn on the news or visit a news website, I am met with articles about the Islamic faith. I don’t think people fully understand what the religion stands for and only think about a few radical sectors of the religion. I think when most people think of Muslims they think of a radical group or terrorist. This is very unfair because most Muslims are very peaceful and tolerant of other groups. I wanted to look into the difference and similarities that different groups of Muslims have across the globe. I wanted to compare the different sect of Islam as well as how different each group of Muslims are depending on where they are …show more content…
Islamic terrorism resort to violence and terrorism as the name suggests. Islamic extremists use more of the political spectrum to try and advance their goals. Both are trying to replace democracies or other governments with Islamic governments that implement Sharia law. Many countries also support extremist, this is shown because a few occasions extremist groups have won elections in countries such as Egypt and Tunisia. This shows in some regions of the world these groups have some influence with locals and can use this connections to overthrow existing government or establish new …show more content…
All Muslims believe in an afterlife, so that is where the fascination begins. Radical Muslims believe that there will be rewards in the afterlife if they have served Allah and served good life. While the rest of Islam believes in an afterlife, they do not share the same outlook on the afterlife as the Radical Islam sects. They see it more as a rebirth into heaven. Many Muslims do not recognize many hadiths because they feel they do not represent the word of Allah. Some Hadiths state that there are grand rewards for any Muslim who dies in honor of Allah. The famous 72 virgins in heaven as a reward comes from a Hadith that is not recognized by most Islamic groups, but used to recruit for suicide mission of radical Islam sects.
My first article I believe is the best article of my three because it has a perspective that many people do not even notice. When people think of Islam they think of a country that is entirely filled with Muslims and the Government is also controlled by Muslims. I know that the publication may be a little old but the information is not outdated in my opinion because it shows how the people in this area live and coexist with other religions and

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