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Al-Uqlidisi also confirms the general societal perception of Greek superiority over the Indians in mathematics when explaining the use of paper instead of the dust board. He says, 'we may hide it [Indian method] also by means [paper], so that one who sees him that computes with it does not know that it is Hindi, but thinks that it is Rumi '. Here he suggests that the utilization of paper would allow the general people to calculate by writing, similarly to the dust board, but would look neater, finer, and more professional, as the Greeks (Saidan, A., 1966: p.478).

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Islam is a religion of tolerance, one of the key fundamental laws in regards to non-Muslims is their freedom of will, their freedom to accept or reject the religion. As Allah  himself states in the Quran , 'let there be no compulsion in religion '.
    
(Al-Quran, surah
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The mathematics of India came from a subcontinent that was politically and culturally unified under a polytheistic faith, Hinduism; whereas the Greek mathematics came largely from the Byzantium Empire which adhered to the following of the monotheistic Orthodox Church. Although the Ancient Greek texts themselves were from polytheistic writers, the Byzantine Empire that was distributing and propagating them fit the criterion for Islamic toleration.

The translation movement led to remarkable ideas being uncovered for the Muslims, initially it was Indian texts that were being translated but as the ninth century drew closer, this shifted to predominately Greek texts. For mathematics in particular, this significantly opened for the Muslims, new writings of historical polymaths such as Plato, Aristotle and Euclid; corresponding to my case study, which also showed a large increase of scholars studying mathematics especially during and shortly after the tenth

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