Ibn Khaldoun On The Nature Of The Bedouins '

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Bedouins are people who live in the desert. Ibn Khaldoun depicts the lives of the Bedouins by mentioning factors that show the nature of these people, which explains how Omar and the Arabs were able to defeat the Persians and the romans. First Ibn Khaldoun talks about the nature of the Bedouin. He says that they live in tribes, and each tribe makes a family. Social organization enable them to interact together to share and get the basic necessities of life. Secondly, Ibn khaldoun shows that the hard life that the Bedouins lives in is the reason of who they are. He explains that, as they only love with the basic necessities and not going beyond it, shows how harsh their life was, which makes them physically tough, and strong warriors,
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It is also known that all the four Caliphs did not interfere in the any other religion and they followed god’s word in Quran “everyone has his own religion”. In other words, Omar agreed to allow the Christians to keep practicing their faith with several conditions. Muslims claim that this pact shows how open-minded Islam was in dealing with non-Muslims in newly entered cities and countries. Islamic experts say that the pact of Omar might not be accurate as it is not part of the Quran, and that it is just a political agreement between Muslims and non-Muslims. Not only that, experts say that it is not correct as it is said from a non-Muslim tongue and it is biased towards …show more content…
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