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  • High Performance Teams Essay

    Characteristics of High Performance Teams Functional teams, virtual teams, quality circles, and self-managing teams all have an underlying similarity; they, as a united group of individual with a similar purpose, are more efficient and valuable to an organization than any on e the singular members alone. Most corporations have evolved and begun using teams in order to produce outcomes. A key benefit of workingin teams is that members of teams also have the ability to hold one another…

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  • Case Study: Birnbaum's Tenacity

    The store’s difficult problems end up in the hands of the customer service team. We coordinate even exchanges that cheat the online system, sort through millions of options to find specific codes for items on the decrepit database, figure out ways to diffuse an angry customer before they explode, damage out five-year-old pillows…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Softball Team

    summer of 2014 and my softball team had the opportunity to play in the state championship tournament. We had already competed in the district championship, and we beat our rivals, Kennebunk, to win the title. In the past Kennebunk had beaten us in the championship game multiple times, and now we had our chance. After a short time, we had to pack up and go to Hermon, Maine for the state tournament; where we would spend one week together in a campground. The Hermon team was hosting the state…

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  • Racism In The Titans: Shared Leadership In A Football Team

    In the film, many problems emerged from combining two football teams. Among all these problems, two most fundamental ones are distribution of authority between two coaches, and racism. In the Titan, both the black head coach Herman Boone and the white coach Bill Yoast want what is best for the team, however they disagree with what is the best. Coach Yoast believes that the team should try more complex plays, while coach Boone wants to keep the simpler plays. Solution of this dispute is shared…

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  • Personal Narrative: W Is For Winning

    W is for Winning When I first joined a basketball league, our team was one of the worst teams in the league. We were on a losing streak (0-5) and I started to get sick of it. I told my coach if he could improve the team because I was sick of losing. He felt me and started to push the team. We did rigorous drills each practice and each time I came home, my arms or legs were sore. Everyday, my dad worked on my upper strength to increase my shooting range and this really helped. Although the…

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  • The Importance Of First Touch In Soccer

    didn't go as planned but if you step back and look at the 3 goals that were scored by them first half, they were goals that trinkled in. Its hard to watch but it happens and will continue to happen at this age. Second half the girls out performed the team 2-1 and looked much better. Its still a process and will take time,so be patient. Right now at their age size,strength,speed will trump skills all day long but that playing field eventually evens out and its skills are what will separate them…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Year At Saint Benedict's Prep

    My first year at Saint Benedict’s Prep was an experience I would never forget because of the things I did during my freshman year. I had to get used to the fact that I started school in July rather than September. While all my other friends were enjoying their vacation, I was in school learning about the traditions of the school. I came into Saint Benedict’s as a kid who didn't care much about school, and just joined because of the soccer program. My first week was an experience that one…

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  • Breaking My Ankle In Basketball

    enough to cut in the dugout. Hostility was oozing off two of my teammates who were fighting for the same starting spot and, as a leader, it as my responsibility to keep the unity of the team. I was determined to find a solution to their fighting, for their bickering and fighting would often bring down the morale of the team and cast a dark cloud around them in the dugout.…

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  • Setting In Volleyball

    Alexis Charlton and I were partners at a setting drill. We were terribly bad, and the coach helping us just kind of shook his head at us. We thought it was absolutely hilarious. We decided that was the coach we hoped to have. We wanted to make the same team, and we wanted him to be our coach. That is actually what ended up happening! We were so excited. Another time, I was practicing setting at Illini Elite. We were in a group doing work on our setting. The coach would toss us a ball, and we had…

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  • Diving Dryland Research Paper

    you're starting on a country club diving team just learning the approach and hurdle or are jumping off a 30-m cliff, a proper dryland program can aid performance. I remember as a child learning how to dive at my local summer league team. Being able to catapult myself off the diving board gave me great thrills and was far from other sports I had done (swimming, basketball, soccer). As a high school swimmer, I still dove in the summer to help the summer league team score points in the championship…

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