Resident Assistant Case Study

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1. How did you become interested in the Resident Assistant Job?
I first heard of this position while working with AmeriCorps National Civilian Corps. Many of the Team Leaders had previously been RA’s prior to their current leadership position. One of my goals is to become a Team Leader for AmeriCorps. So I felt this was definitely a right step in that direction. The RA position is quite similar to the Team Leader position. I was already an Assistant Team Leader for my teams, so I received some insight in the role of Team Leader. The Resident Assistant position can provide me with more leadership opportunity, professional development and networking and communication skills. Moreover, this position will help me get more connected with the campus and the school. I am a transfer/commuter student.
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We work in teams of 8-12 people. We come from all walks of life. Everybody has different styles, beliefs, personalities, goals, and temperaments. One of the challenges here is being able to balance between one another. At times it was stressful and difficult. Some personalities clashed. Other times it was magical. Everyone felt acted like one big happy family. The biggest thing here is not taking anything personally. We are all different. We all have our own histories, problems, struggles, stresses etc. The best thing to do is be respectful, patient, communicate appropriately and be open minded. I definitely had copious opportunities working with different …show more content…
What benefits/skills will you learn (or take with you) from being a Resident Assistant?
I strongly feel this position will help be develop better as a leader, professional, and person. This position will exercise my communication skills, make me more confident and reemphasize how to handle and work with people from all walks of life. This position is a huge stepping stone into my goal as a Team Leader, and later on a member of the Peace

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