Electra Quik Case Study Essay

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INLS 131: Penina
Matthew Carroll
July 2002

Electra-Quik Case Study

The main problem of this case study lies in the existing corporate culture of the business and the newness of the proposed company revisions. Electra-Quik is an established company that has historically done well until recently, when a host of problems ranging from outside competition to company moral became apparent. It would be nice to know more information concerning the extent of the company’s problems, but since they are not talked about in detail, this case study will assume that they are moderately severe since people are actively seeking other employment.
Martin Griffin, the CEO hired to turn the company’s fortunes, wants to address the corporate culture first and foremost with his new empowerment campaign. The challenge he faces is multi-faceted, but the root problem lies with the corporation’s culture and its lack of open communication channels and flexibility. It would be nice to know more about Martin’s track record as a CEO, the types of business he worked for in the past, and the other problems he addressed.
From the case study it seems that many employees are thoroughly disenchanted by the current culture (employees are “actively seeking” other employment opportunities), and may see upper management as
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Barbara, by confronting Martin on these issues, serves herself and the campaign by showing her supervisor that she is both interested in his idea and its success and by providing Martin with necessary insight into the corporate culture that he may have yet to fully realize. As a CEO who’s main function is to please the stock holders of this publicly traded company, Martin should value the information Barbara can provide him as it would serve to both increase his plan’s potential for success and to please his

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