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  • The Westminster System

    The British Empire was once the largest empire the world had ever seen. It was thanks in part to the adoption of a strong, organized form of government. The Westminster system is one of the most prominent systems of government globally thanks to the now defunct empire’s far-reaching influences. The system of a bicameral parliament, which is what the Westminster system is, represents every citizen’s voice, but that is not necessarily the case. Many of the countries that impose this system of…

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  • Subjective Humanity In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    Subjective Humanity The Nonhuman Rights Project, a group working to attain legal personhood and therefore the same rights that people possess for animals, states in their mission that, “We work to secure legally recognized fundamental rights for nonhuman animals through litigation, advocacy, and education.” This particular group wants to redesign the definition of a human to include animals, but the idea that the characteristics that define a human are subjective has graced society since the…

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  • A Change Of Heart About Animals Analysis

    On the article “A Change of Heart about Animals”, Jeremy Rifkin argues that animals should be treated humanely because, according to science, the differences between animals and humans are less than what we think. He believes that animals should be given the rights that protect them from inhumane treatment and human consumption. He is telling us that we have to give them the same rights that a human possesses. In affirmation to Jeremy Rifkin, we should treat animals humanely because they also…

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  • Meech Lake Accord Case Analysis

    Ottawa’s efforts still did not lessen from Québec’s stubborn refusal. In 1987, PM Brian Mulroney attempted to accomplish Trudeau’s career-long wish: get Québec to sign the Constitution. These efforts took the name of the Meech Lake Accord. When Québec refused to sign the Constitution in 1981, it estranged itself from the Canadian “constitutional family”. During constitutional discussions, Québec made many proposals whose acceptance would have led to its addition to the Constitution. The accord…

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  • Do Animals Have A Sense Of Right Or Wrong?

    Darwin had a belief that animals don’t have a sense of right or wrong, unlike us humans. He stated “Of all differences between man and the lower animal, man’s sense of moral conscience is by far the most important.” This statement is not true. Animals like humans have decisions to make throughout life, it is not like they do to their free will, and live without decisions. In the world of humans, yes there is more decision making, and right or wrong moves. Animals are constantly in a survival…

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  • The Rights Of Humans And Other Animals Analysis

    great way to portray the topic and the issue. It talks about humans moral rights, animals have those rights too but those may be more specific to scientific studying and/ or testing. ( Tom Regan- little intro) In this it talks about how moral judgement 's need to be defended, justified, and validated. (Tom Regan- pg 104, paragraph 4, sentence 5) In which makes sense, but moral judgments more have to…

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  • Personal Narrative-Change Is Not Always Bad

    Change Is Not Always Bad As I sat in my room and reminisced over the change that happened in my life, a smile crossed my face. My smile was not because I like change, but it represented me overcoming the fear that gripped me every time change occurred. Many times in life I began to love or hate certain factors that life handed me depending on how I went through my first experience of that situations. Change is one of those factors I hated because when I first encountered it, I was young and…

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  • Animal Testing: Using Outdated Methods

    Using Outdated Methods As technology advances computers become faster, science is able to reach to an even further understanding in research. While this is true Doke and Dhawale state in Alternatives to Animal Testing: A Review “Every year, millions of experimental animals are used all over the world” (224). The use of animals for research and lab experiments is not only an outdated method that harms animals, but is also unreliable and unneeded. Using animals for research and experimentation,…

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  • Personal Narrative: Life In Prison

    April.23.2000. The day my friend was murdered by his father. The police ruled it captured him and sentenced to life in prison. I was 15 years old then. I’m Alexis Brighton. I’m 16 years old, and I think Andrea is is back to help me get rid of the new vengeful spirit in my new house . It all started two weeks ago when we moved into a old, moldy, house. It wasn’t a pleasant view to look at. Suddenly I hear my mom running through the door: “Alexis! Can you help me grab some boxes into the…

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  • Alison Anne Clarkson: A Short Story

    Her name was Alison Anne Clarkson. She was named after her mother, Anne, who was one of the most kind and calm and peaceful person you could ever know. Her father was named Carl Jackson. Most people, when meeting him, thought stereotypical thoughts about him. They thought he was drinker, or that he was too mean and rude. But even though he was rough around the edges, he loved his wife and his only daughter and they, themselves, loved him. Anne’s parents intensely disliked him. They disliked him…

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