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  • Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think By Brian Wansink

    Mindless Eating: Why we Eat More Than We Think was written by nutritional scientist, Brian Wansink. As a nutritional scientist, Professor Wansink studied the psychology behind why people actually eat and what influences over eating. He has spent the entirety of his career studying and trying to comprehend the “hidden cues” that determine what, why, and how humans eat, his study is targeted toward the American population. In the beginning of the book Wansink takes the time to explain that this is…

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  • Argument For Animal Rights

    Peter Singer and the other person is Tom Regan. Singer 's view is a utilitarian defense of animals. Signer states that, "we should give the same respect to the lives of non-human animals as we give to the lives of humans, and that all animals, human and non-human, are equal." (Singer, 1974). Tom Regan, is known for his articles on animal rights and similar related issues. His argument is extensively laid out in his 1985 The Case for Animal Rights. Regan states that "righteous acts are those…

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  • Animal Research In Psychology

    The article clearly expresses the research issue which concerns whether animals ought to be utilized as a part of biomedical and behavioral research. The problem is situated in the ethics of utilizing various experiments. The motivation behind this article is to take a gander at animal research in psychology and how the exchange of animal rights is fundamental to students taking psychology courses. 2. Introduction The introduction clarifies the general public’s concern about the moral…

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  • Stereotypes And Discrimination

    a place where humans segregate each other by skin color. However, we created this place. We built a society that tolerates racism. In the articles, “Don’t Let Stereotypes Warp Your Judgements” by Robert L. Heilbroner and Not a Genuine Black Man by Brian Copeland, we discover why humans tend to stereotype others and how being profiled can make a person feel isolated, humiliated, and question their existence. Stereotypes make it almost impossible to see a person for who they really are because we…

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  • What's Wrong With Animal Rights Summary

    In the article “What’s Wrong with Animal Rights”, author Abby Hearne states that the current animal rights movement is “built upon a misconceived premise that rights were created to prevent us from unnecessary suffering.” This mixed with the misunderstanding of animal happiness and what it really means. This paper is written for people who are supporters of the current animal rights movement. The author Abby Hearne’s main argument in this essay is that our definition of animal rights is…

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  • Animal Cruelty In An Animal's Place By Michael Pollan

    “This becomes clear one we become clearer about the idea of cruelty itself” (Regan 533). Tom Regan in “Cruelty, Kindness, and Unnecessary Suffering” covers the concept of cruelty well and explains many things to take into consideration when deciding how far you must go to consider something to be cruel. Cruel people are not cruel just because…

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  • When Is Animal Testing Wrong

    In discussions of animal testing, one controversial issue has been whether animals can feel emotions as humans do, and furthermore, if they can then is the use of animals in research morally wrong? On the one hand, scientists that use animals as test subjects, such as Helosia Sabin and her late husband, argue that it is crucial for any medical progress because much testing is required before releasing a new drug into the public. On the other hand, people like Peggy Carlson, a scientist herself…

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  • The Big Here And Long Now Analysis

    Everyone see the world depending on the prescription of their glasses, and those glasses vary from one person to another; affected by personal experiences, worldviews, culture, art, and most importantly, literature. “The Big Here and Long Now” by Brian Eno is a masterpiece that deals with two concepts that influence the way humans see the world. In this essay, here is not only a place or a position, it has a broader meaning that includes behavior, lifestyle, and mind. Likewise, now is not…

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  • Animal Captivity Essay

    on and change their ways for the better. Conclusion Overall, I believe my project has successfully weighed up the pros and cons of animal captivity by sharing various case studies and contrasting the views of many philosophers including Singer, Regan, Mill, MacIntyre, Kant, Aristotle, Cohen and Partridge. Despite my slightly altered view of animal captivity in the UK after my interview with Ross Snipp, Zoo Manager of Flamingo Land, I still stand by my initial view that all forms of animal…

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  • Ethos Pathos Logos In Animal Testing

    It is not possible to write an effective essay about animal experimentation without having to resort to an emotional appeal. Though Heloisa Sabin and Jane Goodall could have avoided the use of pathos in their respective pieces, “Animal Research Saves Lives” and “A Question of Ethics,” they choose not to because they understood, to some degree, the rhetorical triangle and its role in formulating effective arguments. The term “rhetorical triangle” makes it evident that ethos, logos and pathos are…

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