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  • Do Animals Have A Sense Of Right Or Wrong?

    Darwin had a belief that animals don’t have a sense of right or wrong, unlike us humans. He stated “Of all differences between man and the lower animal, man’s sense of moral conscience is by far the most important.” This statement is not true. Animals like humans have decisions to make throughout life, it is not like they do to their free will, and live without decisions. In the world of humans, yes there is more decision making, and right or wrong moves. Animals are constantly in a survival…

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  • The Rights Of Humans And Other Animals Analysis

    great way to portray the topic and the issue. It talks about humans moral rights, animals have those rights too but those may be more specific to scientific studying and/ or testing. ( Tom Regan- little intro) In this it talks about how moral judgement 's need to be defended, justified, and validated. (Tom Regan- pg 104, paragraph 4, sentence 5) In which makes sense, but moral judgments more have to…

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  • Animal Testing: Using Outdated Methods

    Using Outdated Methods As technology advances computers become faster, science is able to reach to an even further understanding in research. While this is true Doke and Dhawale state in Alternatives to Animal Testing: A Review “Every year, millions of experimental animals are used all over the world” (224). The use of animals for research and lab experiments is not only an outdated method that harms animals, but is also unreliable and unneeded. Using animals for research and experimentation,…

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  • Rifkin A Change Of Heart About Animals Summary

    Re “A Change of Heart about Animals” I believe Rifkin establishes a valid argument that we should treat animals more humanely, although to a certain extent. Rifkin establishes ethos, since he’s an environmental activist, and while there certainly is an emotional appeal in the form of animals’ feelings and logos in the form of studies proving some animals can think, does his message convey towards all animals? I think Rifkin’s ideas apply more towards superior animal with definite intellect and…

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  • Guinea Pig Meaning

    The common idiomatic expression “be the guinea pig” has a controversial and deeper meaning behind it that many people don’t even realize. In society, we use the guinea pig as a symbol of being the first to try something, typically a dangerous task or unpalatable concoction. No one wants to be the guinea pig. When our friend tries an unknown food and it turns out to be delicious, there is a beneficial outcome to them being the guinea pig. Other people then eat the food and it becomes a learning…

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  • Health Benefits Of Animal Testing

    What is animal testing used for and why? Animal testing is used and required by the United States government to test the safety of drugs, chemicals, cosmetics, and various consumer products. Additionally, animals are commonly used in the practice of medical and military training. Government agencies that heavily rely on animal testing are the U.S. Military, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) , the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Department of Transportation (DOT), and the…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Magic In Our Hearts

    Magic In Our Hearts It still seems like it was just yesterday. The smell of the roses, the cloud of hairspray covering my home from left to right. People running around trying to get ready. Somehow everything seemed to be passing by so slow for me. I felt such calmness and peace going through me. I looked down and could see I was only half ready, still wearing my blue basketball shorts and Pink Floyd t-shirt. Make up was already done and hair was almost done just needed a few…

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  • PETA Strategies And Tactics

    Background and History Founded in 1980 in Virginia, USA, PETA is best known for the fight for the rights of animals and works to establish and defend their rights nationally. PETA is founded on the beliefs that animals don’t exist for the sole purpose of satisfying human needs and wants. The body sensitizes stakeholders and the civil society about animal abuse and works to enhance a more mindful handling of livestock, wildlife and marine life (PETA, 2016). PETA Strategies and Tactics. PETA works…

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  • Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think By Brian Wansink

    Mindless Eating: Why we Eat More Than We Think was written by nutritional scientist, Brian Wansink. As a nutritional scientist, Professor Wansink studied the psychology behind why people actually eat and what influences over eating. He has spent the entirety of his career studying and trying to comprehend the “hidden cues” that determine what, why, and how humans eat, his study is targeted toward the American population. In the beginning of the book Wansink takes the time to explain that this is…

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  • Argument For Animal Rights

    Peter Singer and the other person is Tom Regan. Singer 's view is a utilitarian defense of animals. Signer states that, "we should give the same respect to the lives of non-human animals as we give to the lives of humans, and that all animals, human and non-human, are equal." (Singer, 1974). Tom Regan, is known for his articles on animal rights and similar related issues. His argument is extensively laid out in his 1985 The Case for Animal Rights. Regan states that "righteous acts are those…

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