Tilikum Blackfish Ethical Issues

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Animal rights have become a common idea over the last several years, and the amount of activists in pursuit of these ideas have increased tremendously. Animal rights activists rally over the abuse and mistreatment of animals in business and research fields. The common idea that activists suggest to stop the abuse and mistreatment of animals is to release captive animals into the wild and to use alternative methods of research that doesn’t involve direct contact with said animals. While these ideas seem to provide the answer to the problem, the activists fail to acknowledge that captive animals are commonly breed in captivity and to release them completely into the wild would be extremely dangerous for them and halting the way institutions and companies currently research can have extensive repercussions to …show more content…
“Blackfish” was very informative for many as the events of Tilikum’s life have never been acknowledged before by Sea World or known well by anyone. “Blackfish” reveals hidden documents and holds interviews with past Sea World employees, as well as the owner of Flipper, a very famous dolphin, who admits that animal captivity is wrong ("Blackfish Official Film Site”). It has opened the eyes of every person who has watched the documentary, especially younger generations like millennials. College student Stefani Goodine, who is 18 years old, believes:
Blackfish is a documentary that opened a lot of eyes to what was really going on at SeaWorld. Behind the smiles and laughter of children and the excitement of rides and seeing beautiful animals, there is sadness and darkness. Those beautiful animals are enslaved and enclosed in an environment that is not natural or healthy for their wild spirits. Blackfish showed SeaWorld for who they truly are, animal abusers; the whales they pride themselves on displaying deserve better than a tank of a few miles to swim and procedures like

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