Bond length

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  • Willow Tree Lab Report

    experiments give a more precise outcome overall for the bond distances, bond angles, atom positioning and thermal parameters of molecules compared to X-ray diffraction methods. It is known that X-ray diffraction has error because it does not determine the location of hydrogen atoms well and the spherical scatting factor is a bad assumption for hydrogen atoms. For the X-ray diffraction, the Stewart-Davidson-Simpson scattering factor was used but it proved to be a bad assumption also and skewed results. The neutron diffraction method determined that the carbon-hydrogen bonds on the aromatic ring are similar in length and that the bond does not follow the “riding model”. The method had results that determined that the methyl group bond lengths were too short. The methyl group must have sufficient bond length due to vibration of the molecule around the axis. However, it is important to note that bond lengths are hard to determine when thermal motion or vibration exists. The carbon-hydrogen bonds in the methyl group also did not follow the “riding model”. The neutron diffraction method determined the length of the oxygen-hydrogen-oxygen bond accurately and in a way that agrees with the thermal parameters. It was also found that the oxygen-hydrogen-oxygen bond rotates the same direction with a small bump in symmetry. In conclusion, the neutron diffraction and X-ray diffraction methods have similar results in determining the bond distances and angles between potassium, carbon and…

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  • The Importance Of The Scale Of Chemistry

    at the top of the periodic table are smaller than those near the bottom. The study of atoms and the reasons for the trend in their sizes will be covered in class later this semester. Many of the chemicals we encounter everyday are molecular in structure. Molecules are specific combinations of atoms. The oxygen we breathe in and the carbon dioxide we breathe out are both molecular in their structure. The DNA and proteins that combine to make us are molecular compounds. The wood in the lab…

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  • Pill Box Research Paper

    The overall appearance is first, the pill boxes are rectangular prisms, 7 inches wide, by 1 inch deep, and 1 inch in length. Each pill organizer is rotated, according to its’ correlating paragraph. Each pill box is approximately 4 inches away from one another. The tubes are inserted into the holes that are directly across from their latched chambers. These tubes are then cut in half widthwise, so that eat tube is now 3 inches in length. These tubes are now 2 inches long and the containers are 4…

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  • Graco Research Papers

    Graco Fast Action Fold Click Connect Travel System This is a Chinese made baby stroller that can fit into infant car seat. It is a must have for those who want to have an ample time while travelling. Weighs around 20 pounds and is strong enough to hold a 50 pound baby for one full year. The seat can be reclined to multiple positions and the easy one second fold makes the experience even better. Graco fast action fold click connect travel system has a pivoting child’s tray with a cup holder,…

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  • City Select Stroller Analysis

    Baby Jogger City Select Stroller In Onyx, Silver Frame The City select strollers are the most versatile luxury baby strollers available in the market today. With the new Baby Jogger City Select Stroller In Onyx, Silver Frame, you get a designer stroller with over 16 configurations to meet you family needs and give you total rolling solution beyond your imagination. This stroller is an award winning luxury stroller. It has the ability to transform to a double stroller and thus capable of growing…

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  • The Effect Of Distance On Acceleration Of Motion

    At each height we placed the can at the 1 meter mark, and let go of the can while timing it until it hit the table. We repeated this step 6 times at each height. We took the average time of each height, then squared it, then divided the distance by the squared time, and divided the height by the length. Lastly we divide the distance by squared time by the height by length. For height 1, (2.44 + 1.85 + 1.78 + 2.11 + 2.44 + 2.31)s/6 = 2.16s, (2.16s)2 = 4.67, 1m/4.67s2 = .214m/s2, .1m/1m = .1,…

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  • Tool Mark Investigation Essay

    suspect’s tools that were submitted to the markings that were found on seven (7) items of evidence. In order to determine if a tool that was submitted could have left a particular mark, class characteristics from both the tools and the mark were observed and recorded, as well as compared to one another in order to narrow down the list of potential tools that could have left a tool mark found on a given item of evidence. Some class characteristics that were measured from the tools submitted…

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  • River Bridge Lab Report

    in.s. The design optimization process (see Appendix 2, Page 3) revealed that the most optimum distance (traffic score) was 8.422415 in., would cost $137.5625 (see Appendix 2, Page 4), as well as earn a safety and aesthetic score of 0.043432 and 6.878127 respectively. These calculations were used to help redesign the best bridge. The resulting design (Appendix 2, Page 5) received a total score of 452, which matched the total score given by the design optimization process. The vertical beam in the…

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  • Wing Beam Design

    project was conducted to construct a new wing beam design for the B-52 bomber and to compose an analysis of the new main wing spar. Given the information and the requirements that must be met with this design, our team went through the steps of the design process to come up with 3 concept variants. Of the 3 variants, we recommend to the Air Staff that the beam is to be made out of Steel SAE 4340 and configured into the T-beam shape in order to optimize each requirement for the wing beam design.…

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  • Mini Unit Analysis

    The Name of the Mini-Unit Taller/Wider/Longer Brief Summary of Mini-Unit and highlight Key features This unit encourages students to use measurement wording and counting to compare the attributes of length, width or height of target in a variety of activity situations. The passage from counting all to advanced counting is also supported. The key features during this lesson would be, the way to engage kids during this lesson would be to use interests that they have and incorporate them into…

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