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  • The Six Stages Of The Natural Human Learning Process

    organize information, learn, achieve, memorize and share what learned? There are many researches have done about natural human learning process during human society. One of the significant researches about human learning process from Dr. Rita Smilkstein stated that there are six stages appeared in natural human learning process. The first stage of the natural human learning process is “Motivation”. Before we learn something our brain will pick up one or more than one specific skill or…

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  • The Importance Of Oral And Written Language

    The primary benefit of reading to younger children is a higher aptitude for learning. Parents who read with their children not only provide a nurturing activity that strengthens their relationship, but they are also opening a pathway for their children to learn basic speech (Read Aloud, n.d.). The NSW Department of Education and…

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  • Blue Collar Brilliance By Mike Rose Analysis

    The author Mike Rose argues that most people seem to belief that work requiring less schooling requires less intelligence. I concur with the author and belief that this notion is wrong and that work requiring less schooling doesn 't necessarily means that requires less intelligence. There are plenty of jobs, the blue-collar type, that required a level of memorization, reasoning, and intelligence like any other job that may seem of higher standard. Like Mike Rose did in his article “ Blue collar…

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  • History From Pierre Menard: Truth, Whose Mother Is History

    The quote above is view of history from Pierre Menard“…truth, whose mother is history” states the mother of truth is history meaning truth or “knowledge” comes from history. History lays the basis of new knowledge to be discovered therefore calling history its mother. Occampunio calls it “staggering”. The author states the quote as saying history does not diverge into reality but is reality in an amazing sense. This is true in that we live history because what we did previously is in our…

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  • Embracing Your Failure

    get so angry when I messed up. I would just give up. Now, I learn from mistakes. Sometimes, I even add my mistake to the song I am learning. When I play for fun, I always start out with a few simple chords.…

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  • My Study Habits Essay

    Every person has their own academic struggles. They can range from procrastination, to not studying, to even not getting enough sleep. I am guilty of doing many of these myself. I know that I’m going to need to change my study habits in college, I cannot afford to not study for tests like I did in high school. Out of the many bad habits that I need to change to succeed in college three really stand out. In college I need to read the assigned book, actually studying for tests, and conquer my…

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  • Finance Major Reflection

    Reflection Paper This semester I learned about several resources and information about me that has helped me choose my major and that will benefit me in the future. My interest in technology has allowed me to consider taking classes in computer science and MIS. My interest in creating Excel documents has allowed me to organize my school work and spending habits, which allows me to spend more time focusing on other things. These interests are important to me because they help make my life easier…

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  • Reflection Of Classroom Management

    Classroom management is crucial for every teacher to have in a successful learning environment. I believe that students need to be controlled and disciplined; students at this age need to be guided in the right path. They are capable of self-discipline but need to be shown what the rules of the classroom are and what is the expectation of the teacher. I believe that students are basically good but that the environment around them influences them tremendously. If they maintain busy with…

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  • Reading Comprehension Strategies

    advance in reading by first learning to read and later improve reading to learn. It’s critical that all students become strategic learners in the world. Students who recognize which strategies to use and when to use them to comprehend text are strategic learners. A few students use the strategies naturally while most students struggle to read the text with understanding. There is a desperate need for teachers to teach comprehension strategies to guide their students with learning to read and…

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  • Reflection On The Learning Of Learning From The Stories Original Narrative

    In the semester that I have spent in Storytelling I have found one essential thing to reflect upon when pondering what has the class taught me. That one thing is learning is believing. This class is more about the learning of lessons of cultural story than the stories formal narrative. We learn to learn and I will explain that in the next few pages. The section has read many stories from this seminar. The topics touched involved race to religion and every other subject of the world we live in.…

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