Scenario Based Learning In Nursing

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Generally, most of the learning theories are based on preexisting knowledge and the experience of the learners. The science of learning can improve the way of teaching and training. Guillaume Alinier emphasis the need to know and understand the participants prior knowledge, desire to lean and experience by conducting a pre-test.{97} This action can help in improving learning process, hinder learning and measure the changes in the outcomes. A pre-post test quasi-experimental quantitative study analyzed the competency level of nursing students in administering intramuscular injections with and without scenario-based simulation.{55} Initially, all students attended usual training, then they were pre-tested. Student were randomly divided into two groups; experimental and control. After the educational intervention, the experimental group demonstrated higher level of competency than the control group, but the differences was not statistical meaningful which might be due to small sample size.{55} There are many research on learning support the use of scenario-based learning. Burkhart and collages presented a cross-sectional survey study to develop a simulation scenario-based curriculum to train residents for thoracic surgery.{71} The training was an effect method to significantly improve skills and confidence in training residents for thoracic surgery. …show more content…
Which actively engage the learner thereby promoting deep learning. Scenario-based learning helps support learners in being motivated to apply what they have learned. For any learning style, the learners have to be motivated, which emerged from the desire to learn. It is necessary to ensure that the learner have motivation to apply what they have learned after the training section. The learner 's motivation is affected by how people 's perceptions and beliefs about their ability to successful preformed a task, this called

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