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  • Analysis Of From Topphole To Bottom Of The Irish Race World

    Examples CMT In Book II, Chapter 3 (342.30–32), Joyce employs the portmanteau word “swapstick”, combining the words “swap”, “stick”, “slapstick” and “swastika”: “This eeridreme has being effered to you by Bett and Tipp. Tipp and Bett, our swapstick quackchancers, in From Topphole to Bottom of The Irish Race and World.” Donaldo Schüler’s (2002, p. 303) translation of this passage retains the concept of “slapstick” with the term “fragorosos farsantes” [rackety masqueraders], but omits any reference to the swastika. “Este eeridrama lhes foi oferecido por Bett e Tipp. Tipp e Bett, nossos fragorosos farsantes em Do-Furo-de-cima ao Furo-de-baixo de The Irish Race World.” Philippe Lavergne’s (1982, p. 525) translation (“nos jumeaux interchangeables”…

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  • Reading Comprehension Strategies

    Reading is essential to everyday living, the failure to read will restrict student’s ability to understand basic Math, Language Arts, Science or Social studies. Students with reading difficulties need support for their deficit in a specific skill with different strategies. The two reading difficulties for ESE students and how I will address the difficulties in my future classroom are difficulty with high – frequency sight words using a multi-sensory approach that combines language experience…

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  • The Consequences Of Pajama

    Pajama's are comfortable and should be able to be worn. It's not a distraction, they are just clothes. A lot of people get distracted easily and the school is just blaming it on what people wear. Also, girls can wear shirts that go down to the middle of their chests and not have anything said to them about it. When a girl has a little bit of their stomach exposed they are sent home to change or just yelled at. I know because this happened to me. That's just not right at all. The things that…

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  • The Importance Of The CALL Project

    Focusing on the teaching aspect of the CALL project, it was vital that certain criteria was met and fulfilled as it is an important method of presenting a new language for learners. From teaching previously, relating the target language to a realistic situation is beneficial. As Swartz & Yazdani (2012:224) says, 'presenting vocabulary in realistic situations provides learners with a rich context that provides adequate semantic information ' and this was considered when collecting examples…

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  • The Importance Of Language In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

    Stephen Decatur High School/Ninth Grade/General English Class/15 students/90-minute lesson This lesson is part of a larger unit that focuses on Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. This lesson would come after the students had read the entire book. During the time of the reading we would have determined major themes, plot points, etc. I would have assisted students with confusing language and started a conversation about interpreting Shakespeare’s works by explaining his play on words and the…

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  • Analysis Of A Documerical Assignment: A Dynamic Model For Switzerland GDP

    suggest testing firstly ARMA (1, 2). We would then check for any residuals autocorrelation and increase lags if we still cannot reject autocorrelation or cannot find significant coefficients. ii. Formal Test Statistic autocorrelation GDP Growth. The statistical hypothesis test we would use to test for the null of no autocorrelation in GDP growth is the Ljung-Box test which is a time series variation of the Portmanteau Test. The Portmanteau test checks for any group of autocorrelations in the…

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  • Jabberwocky

    These words show up in the very first verse. Slithy and mimsy are both adjectives created by mashing together two common words. Humpty Dumpty explains this to the readers, and Alice, in the book Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There. Dumpty tells Alice that Slithy is the result of something both lithe and slimy. These words are called portmanteau words. Lewis uses a number of portmanteau words to condense as many details in the fewest words. By using a made up word, the author…

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  • Situational Comedies Film Analysis

    Situational Comedies, or more frequently referred to by their portmanteau, Sitcoms, are largely a product of the minstrelsy's formula for success. After thinking on the topic of stereotypes as a means of entertaining people in theater, I can easily think of many shows that utilize this style of humor to create their characters. In the TV Series "Taxi" Danny DeVito plays exactly what you would imagine of a New York small business owner, he's rude, arrogant, self-centered, but despite all of this,…

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  • Jabberwocky: A Nonsense Word

    rhyme scheme would be effected is the author chose not to include nonsense words. On another note, “Jabberwocky” uses nonsense words in a greater variety. It uses imagery, onomatopoeias, portmanteaus, and rhyme. Line fourteen uses imagery when it describes the Jabberwock as having “eyes of flame”. Line eighteen stated that the blade made a noise of going “snicker-snak”, meaning that the word is an onomatopoeia. An onomatopoeia also appears in line twenty-three, reading, “O Frabjous day!…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Urban Transportation

    Urban Transportation BackgroundAs fintech advancement gains momentum, working through vicissitudes of centuries-old coverage of more or less routine retrospective critiques of financial crises, followed by periodic predictions of more or less imminent crises to come, it's become impossible to speak about financial institutions as if they existed unchallenged. Banking may be a stereotypically lackluster subject amidst quotidian cultural news, but the fintech phenomenon in banking is inverting…

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