Portrait of Madame X

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  • John Singer Sargent's Influence On Women

    It was first exhibited as Madame XXX, but later removed because of the scandal around the painting. A young pale skinned woman, in a silk black dress with two thin chained straps, had gripping onto the front of the dress, which looked to me like she was showing her figure and the bustle of the fabric. It took 30 sessions to complete the portrait. It was exhibited in the 1884 Paris Salon, and caused a stir right away. Critics like L 'Événement, called it “hideousness”. It portrayed that married women could be loose and show such expressions around other men. The models name was Virginia Amelia Avegno from New Orleans, and was married to banker Pierre Gautreau. Sargent received the worst reviews of his career from this painting and swore to never paint anything as bold again. I do not believe that Sargent meant to receive such backlash, for a portrayal it was never meant to get. He was commissioned to do this painting for a…

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  • Painting Analysis: Madame Charpentier And Her Children

    the Oil on canvas painting that called Madame Charpentier and Her Children in 1878 By Pierre Auguste Renoir. The size is 153.7 X 190.2cm and kept in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. How is ________ the pivotal point towards his successful career as an artist? BODY 1 - Describe piece (1 paragraph) In this painting, there are 3 main character. Which are Madame Charpentier and her daughters. There is a dog on the left bottom corner lying on the foreground. Line is the main element in this…

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  • Madame Manet Artist's Mother Analysis

    Madame Manet is one of several portraits Édouard Manet painted of his wife. Madame Manet is a 23-7/8 x 20 in. oil painting, that was created between the years 1874-1876 in Paris for George Moore; however, it can now be found in the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, California. Also residing at the Norton Simon is Vincent van Gogh’s Portrait of the Artist’s Mother. Van Gogh painted this 16 x 12-3/4 in. image for himself while in Arles, France using oil paints as his medium. Both of these pieces…

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  • Madame X By John Singer: Painting Analysis

    Throughout time people are observed becoming offended by the same types of images, for the same reasons. Although societal convention and practices might change throughout time and between locations, there are clear trends in what the populous finds to be offensive. Madame X was a painting by John Singer painted in 1884. This painting features and attractive woman in a long, sultry, dress. She is posed looking away, but also stepping forward. This portrait was considered one of the most…

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  • Vincent Van Gogh Analysis

    the most renown artists of the late nineteenth century. Decades after his death, his portraits, landscapes, and scenes of everyday life are marveled at in museums across the globe. Most recently, from Winter ’16 – Spring ’16 The Art Institute of Chicago curated an exhibition titled Van Gogh’s Bedrooms, revolving around the artist’s series of paintings of his bedroom in Arles. The fame however came after the Van Gogh’s death, and he experienced a drought in buyers for his paintings during his…

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