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  • The VARK Questionnaire

    VARK Analysis The VARK questionnaire was developed by Fleming and Mills (1992) to show students their individual learning preferences. The VARK acronym stands for Visual, Aural, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic, referring to sensory modalities that reflect the teacher and student learning style. It is the way we take in and use information. The Visual is graphic information, the Aural is lectures and discussions, the Read/Write is printed information, and Kinesthetic is experience…

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  • Importance Of Being 8000 Miles Away From Home

    Being 8000 miles away from home is challenging, exciting, and difficult. I came to the United States in 2013 from Saudi Arabia to attend school. I, like many other international students have left family, and friends for the experience. I didn’t solely come for school as I have always been critical of the traditional education system-I came for independence. However, many students travel miles away from home strictly for school. What is school anyway? And, what makes it special? Here is what I…

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  • Self-Analysis: Strength And Strategies Assessment

    weaknesses moving forward. It is useful because it gives one the opportunity to identify traits that will enable the person to ease through any type of situation. Along with my already-known strengths and weaknesses, I took the Felder and Soloman Learning Styles and Strategies assessment to help identify more of them. It consists of survey questions to assess my strength and weaknesses as a learner. Reflecting on my already-known strength and weakness, along with the assessment, I can identify…

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  • Summary Of No Time To Read By David Mccullough

    The only way that we can learn is through books, not wisdom, not through information we gain, nor from the experience did we earn. McCullough argues against other prospects of learning; he is still determined to believe that reading books is the best way to learn. With this plea, he urges all readers to read. He states that it does not matter what one decides on reading, as long as one reads something. McCullough encourages people…

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  • Disadvantages Of Technology Essay

    doing an assignment, then suddenly out of nowhere an advertisement pops up, a message, or any other form of distraction. The student is going to be tempted to look at the distraction, which causes a disruption in the precious time that they could be learning…

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  • Technology In To Siri, With Love By Judith Newman

    every aspect of humanity. In general, technology has provided opportunities for advancement in all aspect of life, especially education. Thus, it is worth considering the role of technology in education and how it fosters an effective and efficient learning experience to the cadets at West Point. “To Siri, with Love” by Judith Newman, demonstrates just how effective the role of technology is by describing the development of her son’s social abilities through Siri. In Newman’s “To Siri, with…

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  • The Characteristics Of Education: The Purpose Of Education

    horizons of their students rather than limit them, as well as, teaching students about balancing their lives on their own. Encouraging students to join teams and clubs, education can improve a student’s social capability and communication skills by learning how to work as a team and work with others in a safe environment; furthermore, preparing them for their prospective jobs and lives as adults. In Bloom’s novel, Closing the American Mind, Bloom critiques the modern educational tendencies, “The…

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  • What Is The Mid Semester Self Reflection

    What specific steps can I take for the rest of this semester to demonstrate a greater responsibility for myself and my own learning? List 2 Steps I can take for the rest of this semester to demonstrate a greater responsibility are: (1) I will continue reading before class because sometimes the concept is hard to understand especially in our clinic. I read before the clinic…

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  • Importance Of Lighting In My Classroom

    classroom, all learn in different ways, and for me, as an educator, the learning of each child is valuable. I incorporate books on tape, and recordings for students with auditory learning styles. I use laptops, interactive whiteboard lessons, and power points to support children whom learn with technology. For visual learners, power points are supportive, along with modeling lessons or activities. We use kinesthetic movements when learning; also we use these for brain breaks. For children…

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  • Observation Of An ESP Class At BRAC University

    Introduction In this document, I will describe my observation of an ESP class at BRAC University. The purpose of this report is to reflect on the teacher’s teaching strategies and class environment in relation with what I have learned in my teaching practicum class. The one and half hour lesson conducted on 29th may 2016. Pre Observation Conference I had a Pre observation conference with the teacher to know a brief overview about the class. I had discussed class size and level; there were 30…

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