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  • Progressivism: The Philosophy Of Education In The Music Classroom

    how it effectively teaches music to students. Progressivism will be the best philosophy to use in the music classroom and focuses on the skills that students need to learn when learning music. With the progressivism philosophy, students will learn by actively participating in it and by doing things that they are learning about (Webb, Metha, Jordan, 2013, p.80). Students will also learn by doing group work and working with other students that are in the classroom (Webb, Metha,…

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  • How Will Technology Improve Intelligence And Academic Performance

    In Can Technology Improve Large Class Learning? By Denise Stanley, reviews the effects of participation of university students with I-clicker technology on learning. The use of the I-clickers allowed students to answer anonymously, allowing all students to be involved without fear of answering incorrectly. From this study, Stanley concluded that “attendance and active learning go together to increase student performance” and that the “response technology boosts…

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  • Benefits Of Video Games In Education

    What do you think of when I talk about learning? You are probably thinking about lectures and homework. Well what if we took out the lectures and staleness of learning and found a better way to get kids to learn. Video games are the answer to this problem that we are facing today. Some say they are bad for your mental health and lead to antisocial behaviors (Anderson). Though the truth of the matter is quite the opposite. This paper will identify the benefits of video games as a tool for…

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  • Cultural Identity In An Indian Father's Plea By Robert Lee

    Cultural Identity is something that makes people who they are; it can deeply affect how you see the world because it shapes how you perceive new things. And as a child, many people do not realize the impact observed actions can have on someone when forming cultural identity. How a person grows up can really change who they are as a person, due to the great influence that parents and caregivers have on the children in their early years. Not only that but, when a child is exposed to a new…

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  • Employee Training Methods

    Training Organizations and firms focus and spend more time and money in training their employees with the belief that it will give them more completive in the industry local and global. Selecting right employees for company is not easy and doesn’t guarantee they will perform effectively if a firm doesn’t do the employees orientation which gives new employees about company’s information such as email access, personnel policies and benefit they need to function. It does not only help them to…

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  • Personal Statement For Teaching Philosophy

    Teaching Philosophy After wanting to change my major to secondary education, I thought of what subject I love to learn and have a passion for; I thought of the people in my life that has the biggest influence and I look up to. All I could think of was past history teachers that fed my passion for historical knowledge and how much I learned academically, as well as much needed life lessons. I wanted to be a part of that. I want to influence young minds and leave a positive impression in their…

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  • Rite Of Passage Theme In Greasy Lake By T. Caraghessan Boyle

    Tango, Thunderbird, and Bali Hai” (125). Was wishing to be bad a good thing? Through all of the trouble and bad situations that the boys encountered, lessons were learned. The themes of being careful for what you wish for and through trouble comes learning complement each other throughout the story. The first theme becomes evident when the boys are pounding on the dashboard, sticking their heads out the windows, driving up and down the…

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  • Doctor Faustus: Power And Knowledge Are Not Rewarding?

    look forward to. Ignorance is the opposite of knowledge. Humans are ignorant, and that is what keeps the mind motivated to learn. As Douglas Shuler states in “Doctor Faustus in the Twenty-First Century”, “Ignorance provides the motivation for learning when people yearn to fill a void.” (Shuler 260-61). If there were nothing more to learn, there would be no more ignorance, and therefore no desire to learn. Faustus had an insatiable void that needed to be filled, because not all knowledge is…

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  • Leaning In: A Student's Guide To Engaging Constructively With Social Justice

    disregard what new, beneficial information they may provide. I would not consider myself as ignorant as the astronomy student, but I have noticed similar behavior in myself. People call me “smart” and sometimes it can go to my head when it comes to learning new things. I have also been known to continue to argue with people even after I realize that they are right and I am wrong. I am prideful. I have spent countless hours arguing with my mother about nutrition. She believes all sugars are bad,…

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  • Metacognition Essay

    psychologist to introduce metacognition, studies and research on this theory have skyrocketed since it’s introduction. According to How People Learn, “A ‘metacognitive’ approach to instruction can help students learn to take control of their own learning by defining learning goals and monitoring their progress in achieving them” (How People Learn 30). People engage themselves in…

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