Big Five personality traits

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  • The Importance Of The Jung Typology Test

    to better understand my personality in relation to observable behaviors found within life, more specifically the work place. I discovered ESFJ is my four letter code and SJ is my temperament. This test narrowed down my four letter code from sixteen possible personality types according to the works of Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers, and then from that discovery my temperament was identified. This study went as far as to assign me my suited profession based on my personality. Extravert (E),…

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  • Nature-Nurture: The Effects Of Genetic Influence On Human Development

    aspects of behavior are a product human, whether nature (i.e. genetic influence) or nurture (i.e., acquired learning or environmental factors). The debate allows psychologists to study various aspects of human development which include intelligence, personality, and mental illness. However, different field of psychology often takes one side of the approach. For example, biological psychology tends to flavor the nature factors since they are studying about genetics and the on influences. On the…

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  • Lilies Of The Field Analysis

    Lilies of the field was a faith filled adapted play written by William E Barrett. This being the first play I’ve ever attended, I had little to no knowledge of what to expect, nor did I know where this department was located. When seeing this play I took into consideration, setting, actors, costumes, lights, music, how well the actors verbalized their lines, what story was trying to be told, and what the deeper message was within this story. Lilies of the field is set on a farm in the Arizona…

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  • Essay On Health Educator

    MY CHOSEN PROFESSION I have been an occupational therapy assistant for over 5 years. During my career I have gained knowledge about health and fitness. I have also learned about health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, and so on. I have always enjoyed working with people of various ages and conditions, and I want to share my ideas and knowledge to others as well. In order to do so, I have decided to pursue my bachelor of science in health science. I want to focus on being a…

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  • Emotional Dissonance Definition

    2.3 STUDIES UNDERTAKEN TO DETERMINE THE FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE EMOTION WORK (DEMOGRPAHIC, PERSONALITY AND EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE) AS early as the beginning of the nineteenth century, researchers such as Larsen & Ketelaar (1991) experimentally attempted to induce positive mood. In a group of three hundred and fifty nine undergraduate students and found a stronger positive mood effect among extraverts than in introverts. Shortly afterwards, Ashforth and Humphrey (1993) in an article argued that…

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  • Carolyn Mcall Leadership Analysis

    position in a big company. Throughout this paper, we will discuss what traits made Mcall an effective leader, how she has influenced her followers to accomplish a common goal, and finally how the context has played a role on her leadership style. Through the theory we will manage to find the relevant leadership traits and behaviour of Carolyn McCall, we will focus the traits and behaviour that helped her to become an effective and successful leader. Personality One of main leadership traits of…

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  • Simon Parke's The Enneagram

    of my personality out of 9 varying choices. I knew what number I was on the Enneagram scale by reading the first sentence in one of his Miniature Portrait’s. It reads, “These people are sometimes seen as life’s carers”(Parke 35). This statement is very true about me in the way that I always care about other people and how they feel. As I continued to read in depth into Parke’s Big Portrait Gallery of a Two, my self-diagnoses was solidified. Above all, I began to find out that my personality had…

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  • Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Theory

    these theories derives from Urie Bronfenbenner, a sociologist from the 1980’s; it is called the ecological theory. The ecological theory was Bronfenbrenner’s idea stating that human development is shaped by five interrelated systems in the social environment (Arnett, 2016). Although all five systems are relevant to his theory, the two most direct systems affecting human development are the microsystem and the macrosystem. The microsystem, also referred to as context by psychologists today,…

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  • Innate Leadership Power

    type of leadership style in process based on the goal of the leaders and followers and also based on the different type situation they are in. The meaning of power is that a leader that gained a strong interpersonal relationship. There are five bases of power that divide into two categories, that will be position power and personal power. The meaning of personal power is the power that derived from office or rank in organization and firm. The meaning of personal power is power that…

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  • Foxtrot: The Role Of A Leader Case Study

    Role of a Leader Guy Kawasaki, a marketing guru that has worked with many successful companies like Apple, Pandora and Google, explained a few concepts FoxTrot will be mimicking during its hiring process. Guy specifically stated that “the role of a leader is to produce more leaders, not to produce followers.” FoxTrot will abide by this saying and when the organization is hiring, they will look for talent who has potential to lead. Guy also mentioned that companies should look for people who…

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