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  • Argumentative Analysis Of Moneyball

    After watching Moneyball and reading the articles, I think that statistical analysis hinders the fun of sports. I feel that sports are not always about the statistics; I feel it is about the players. Because you could be the worst batter but then be the best fielder on your team. I feel numbers are just numbers they change all the time so I personally don’t think you can see how good an athlete is by statistics. Just like one of the guys said at the end of the movie that hit home and took the…

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  • How Did Willie Mays Accomplish The American Dream

    When people get to a certain point in life, Americans have the idea that every US citizen’s should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative. Although living in a very discriminated time, Willie Mays did accomplish the American Dream by achieving his desired aims and having determination to fulfill his everyday fantasies. His father, Cat Mays, was a talented baseball player with the Negro team for the local iron plant. His…

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  • Edinburgh Vaults Research Paper

    Do you believe in the raw haunted history that lies in the Edinburgh Vaults of Scotland? The history of the people who lived in the Edinburgh vaults is extremely savage. There were men, women, children, and elderly who found themselves calling these vaults their homes. The history of the Edinburgh vaults is full of horror and terrifying facts that lead one to think that they are still haunted to this day. In looking at this haunted site, one must look at the history of the people who lived in…

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  • Why Is Performance Enhancing Drugs Outlawed In Professional Sports

    The problem with cheating is that children learn to cheat at a young age. It is argued that as a part of moral instinct, human beings naturally seek to expose and punish cheaters. Before cheaters can be punished; however, one must identify the behaviors that constitute cheating. On June 3, 2003, Chicago Cubs’ star Sammy Sosa shattered his bat in a game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Noticing something unordinary in the shattering, the umpires gathered together to examine the bat. The…

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  • Robert Blecker Death Penalty Analysis

    very strong and valid points. He probes the advantages of not abolishing the death row and the downside of doing so. He also offers alternative methods of handling the death penalty and advises new ways of running prisons and administering crimes. Scheck seems to speak a bit more for the innocent and focuses on how the lives of innocent people being wrongfully convicted is not worth the death penalty. He concentrates on the state of California and fails to broaden his argument when it comes to a…

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  • Innocence Project: Wrongful Conviction

    My Argumentative Essay 2% of people in the US prison system are equal to 46,000 people, that’s been convicted of a crime they have not done but are in jail. According to the article “DNA Technology and Crime” “In 1992 lawyers Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld created the Innocence Project, a legal organization aimed at overturning wrongful conviction through DNA profiling. Since then, more than two hundred criminal convictions have been overturned in the United States alone.” The Innocence…

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  • Falsified DNA Evidence

    Conventional wisdom dictates than an innocent person will not be convicted of a crime in America.1 “Like many criminal justice officials, most people appear to believe in what . . . has been labeled ‘the myth of psychological interrogation’: that an innocent person will not falsely confess to a serious crime.”2 This myth, though easily dispelled by psychological and sociological literature on the subject, continues to play an integral role in the criminal justice system.3 Both experimental and…

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  • Thomas Benigno: A Legal Thriller

    Long Island, New York. He was one of the best lawyers ever to study law at Benjamin and proved his proficiency very early in his career when he was mad Associate Attorney at the recommendation of his New York Legal Aid Society Law Clinic Professor Barry Scheck. While he was an associate attorney, he took up some of the most complex, intricate, and high profile cases and was even the attorney for the infamous Spiderman Rapist. Asked why he took up cases that sometimes involved rapists and child…

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  • The Importance Of Capital Punishment In The United States

    When it comes to being sentenced to death there is essentially no coming back. Peter Neufeld and Barry Scheck founded the Innocence Project, in 1992. They focus on exonerating wrongfully convicted individuals through DNA testing. Many death row inmates were convicted of their crimes when DNA testing was almost non-existent, which lead to many Americans…

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  • Racism And Discrimination In Criminal Justice In The United States

    The criminal justice system in the United States has increasingly targeted people of color, more specifically African Americans, for crimes that they may have not committed. A huge number of incarcerated African Americans have been wrongfully convicted within the past 20 years. Through the creation of the national police force in 1893, African Americans have had a target on their back. Ever since the establishment of Jim Crows Laws in the 1890s through “separate but equal,” racism has been…

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