Ball and socket joint

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  • Hip Replacement Research Paper

    Hip replacement surgery is performed to replace the hip joint by the prosthetic implant. The replacement can be either partial or total, based on the specifications of the condition of the patient. The surgery is performed for the patients, who suffer from the conditions like arthritis pain or treatment for the hip fracture and for the replacement of the femoral head and acetabulum head. And in the place of these heads, a new socket or a ball will be placed as a prosthesis or an implant. Hip…

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  • Skeleton Model Research Paper

    movement all having a synovial capsule that has a collagenous structure surrounding the joint, a synovial membrane that is in the inner layer of the capsule secretes synovial fluid and hyaline cartilage acting as pads on the ends of the articulating bones. There are 6 types of synovial joints this includes: hinge (i.e. the elbow and knee), pivot (i.e. between the first and second cervical vertebrae), ball and socket (i.e. shoulder and hip), saddle (i.e. between the first metacarpal and trapezium…

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  • Hip Resurfacing Lab Report

    patients with hip pain and joint deterioration. The implant contains two parts, both made of Cobalt-Chromium alloy. The top portion of the implant is spherical, which looks like half of a ball, with a thin cylindrical stem that branches out of the spherical piece. The parts are the acetabular cup and the femoral head. Discussion Acetabular Cup The acetabular cup is a part of a partial hip prosthesis that is inserted into the acetabulum, or hip joint and used as a socket. The acetabular cup…

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  • Hip Dysplasia Research Paper

    congenital, neoplastic, metabolic, toxic and degenerative. Congenital or genetic diseases are diseases from birth. An example of this disease is hip dysplasia is an abnormal formation of the hip joint seen in mammals but commonly in dogs. The ball of the femur cannot fit properly into the hip socket. Some breeds are more likely to genetically inherit hip dysplasia examples include breeds like the German Sheppard, St Bernard, Rottweiler, Golden Retriever, Labrador retriever, and Old English…

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  • Muscular Necrosis Case Study

    Summery Bill at age of 34 is very active who enjoys many outdoor sports and is in very good health but recently he is having some issues with his right side hip, which is interfering with his daily life routines. After consulting with a doctor about his hip issue, he was given painkillers but his symptoms didn’t seem to be improving and he still experienced difficulties. After going back to the doctor with a same complain, X-ray and some blood work was done to fine the cause of the hip pain. The…

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  • Legg-Perthes Disease

    ……………………………………………. What is Legg-Perthes? Legg-Perthes disease is a childhood condition that affects the hip where the thighbone (femur) and pelvis meet in a ball and socket joint. Sometimes it is called Legg-Calve-Perthes, pronounced LEGG-kahl-VAY-PER-theez. It occurs when the blood supply to the ball part (femoral head) of the hip joint is interrupted. Without enough blood flow the bone begins to die, it breaks more easily, and heals poorly. Legg-Perthes usually occurs between the ages…

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  • Hip Dislocation Case Study

    suffering from a posterior hip dislocation. A hip dislocation can damage the bones, ligaments, muscles, vessels, and nerves of the region. The hip joint is a ball and socket joint composed of the head of the femur bone and the acetabulum of the pelvic bone. A band of fibrocartilage deepens the acetabulum. A fibrous joint capsule surrounds the coxofemoral joint.…

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  • Compare And Contrast Bone Growth And Remodeling

    central area of all the bones such as the ribs, vertebrae, and skull. • The appendicular skeleton is classified of all the limbs in the body such as your legs and arms. 9. Define the structural and functional classifications of joints and be able to identify these joints on the human…

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  • Major Function Of Circulatory System

    and fats and makes blood cells that are good for the body and play a major role in protecting the body from infection Ligaments- connects bone to bone which makes a joint. Tendon- connects tissue to bone. Describe each of the following joints and where they are located: hinge, pivot, and ball-and-socket. You may include other joints as…

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  • Skipping Research Paper

    This skill requires many different muscles, bones, joints and their actions. Before I perform my skill I jump over the rope twice quickly and then slowly once. To jump over the rope, I use flexion to bend my elbow joint, moving my radius and ulna in a circular motion from my elbow joint and my shoulder joint uses circumduction to bring the rope over my head. My bicep brachii allows me to flex my elbow to perform this skill. I flex both my knee joints to prepare to jump the rope and to gain…

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