Glenoid Labral Tear Research Paper

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The Glenoid Labrum: Labral Tear
Number Twenty-Two


The Glenoid Labrum is a protective disk of fibrocartilage that surrounds and deepens the cavity of the Glenoid. The labrum allows for full range of motion, stability, and cushioning in the shoulder. It is attached to the edge of the shoulder socket and supports the ball of the joint -or the head of the arm bone, known as the humerus- in order to stay in place. When the fibrocartilage of the labrum is torn, it is considered a labral tear. There are three common labral tears; Posterior labral tears, Superior labral tear from anterior to posterior (SLAP tear), and Bankart tears. While athletes -who play sports with large amounts of shoulder movement, including tennis or baseball- are
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Tears that are larger may need an open procedure. Using an MRI to diagnosis a torn labrum is not as accurate as arthroscopy.



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