Ball and socket joint

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  • Mammal Like Reptiles Essay

    wide and shallow chest, a shoulder structure that allows the arm to rotate freely, and the most complex brain among primates. They are usually larger with a more upright posture that allows some of them them to walk on two legs. It is the ball and socket joint in their shoulder that allows apes and monkeys to swing in trees. Great apes are more intelligent with the ability to use tools, use language, and have complex social lives. The oldest known great apes is the Pierolapithecus catalaunicus,…

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  • Corgi Research Paper

    Ella Comerci Writing- 6 December 19, 2017 9 Interesting Facts about Corgis Corgis are short, and sometimes even stout. What pops up in your head immediately when someone mentions “Corgi” would most likely be: big ears, long body, short legs and no tail. Cardigans themselves go back 3,000 years and are the first herding dogs recorded. When you say Corgi, though, you're actually saying “Dwarf Dog” because “cor” and “gi” are root words. What do Do the root words mean though? 1. The Shocking…

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  • Gopro Hero 4 Sessions: A Social Media Analysis

    1. Introduction In today’s world technological inventions have significantly impacted the way we carry our daily tasks. Technology have made the task of communicating very easy. Then there is social media which reduce the hassle of sharing the activities of your day, or special moments with those close to you. 2. What is Social Media Social media speaks to the One important aspect of social media is sharing, whether it is a video, photo or a simple thought. 3. Devices The increase in…

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  • Ballet II Reflection

    in my hands, and the use of the articulation of my feet. As I have set these four goals for me to focus on throughout the rest of the semester, my hip injury has been my main focus in ballet. Being diagnosed with a labral tear around the ball and socket joint of my right hip, I feel has set me back in class more than it should. Realizing that…

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  • Essay On Cattle Foot And Lameness

    Introduction Lameness is among the most prevelant and cosly of clinical disease etc. Understanding the problem Cattle Foot & lameness In order to enable humans to stand and walk about freely men protect their feet by wearing shoes. Similar the horny shoe of the cow empowers the animal to carry its own body-weight and to move from one place to another. The shoe, therefore, must be intact and have a good bearing (or supporting) surface. They should not be worn out or have a missing heel.…

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  • Biophysical Explanation Of Human Physiology Essay

    for that matter, anything more than complex arrangements of meat, neurons, and bone? The biophysical explanation of human physiology explains, quite in depth, the entire genetic makeup and biochemical arrangements from the simplicity of a ball and socket joint to the complexity of the brain. Surely the vast amount of research regarding human physiology could spearhead further research into the complexities of perception and thought, correct? There is no way to accurately describe the complex…

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  • Local Flavour Case Study

    sustainability of those centres would be destroyed, that their viability would be jeopardised, that their social functions would be significantly reduced, or that people would be disenabled in access to local shopping.” The court went on to firmly lob the ball in the town centres ' court…

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  • Leonardo Da Vinci: The Anatomy Of The Body

    of a scapula, but da Vinci is working on the anterior portion so it is most definitely wrong). Also the conjunction points of the humerus with the backward facing scapula are strange to look at. Any anatomist would question it because the ball and socket joint is overplayed in this situation, it is much too…

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