Ball and socket joint

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  • Basset Hound Research Paper

    Basset Hounds have short legs and heavy bones. They have loose skin with a hard, dense coat that comes in several combinations of colors such as white, tan, and black (Gerstenfeld and Schultz 204). The breed is around fourteen inches in height and should weigh anywhere from forty to sixty pounds (Colie 32). Basset Hounds have thick, hanging lips and soft, sad eyes along with ears that hang low to the ground. On its head, there is loosely wrinkled skin and a domed skull that is most clearly seen…

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  • Knee Joint Research Paper

    Healthy joint The knee joint is a synovial joint and connects the femur to the tibia and consists of two joints the tibiofemoral joint, which joins the tibia to the femur and the patellofemoral joining the kneecap to the femur. These two joints work together to form a hinge joint allowing the knee to bend and straighten and to also rotate slightly from side to side. Muscles There are two main muscles groups of the knee, the hamstrings, quadriceps and muscles of the calf all work to flex,…

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  • Baseball Swing Movement Analysis

    The movement that was chosen for the movement analysis paper is baseball swing movement from the initial setup to the follow through after contact with the ball. There will be Four phases that tie in the entire movement analysis. Those 4 phases include the loading phase, timing phase, the launching phase, and the follow through after the swing (Van Such, 2016). Each batter has their own unique stance based on how they plant their feet and hold the bat. However, regardless of their batting…

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  • Backwards Marching Research Paper

    the lower half of the body, primarily using the joints in the hips, and the knees, and ankles in both legs. These joints, along with the help from many muscles, allow the necessary movements to be performed, such as plantar flexion, extension, and flexion, in order to execute backwards marching properly During the process of backwards marching, one lifts onto their toes in a fluid motion, this requires the use of the ankle joints. The ankle joint, also known as the Talocrural, is located in…

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  • Rotator Cuff Case Study

    Most of us all have an intact shoulder that for the most part does not give us a problem. We can take it for granted that we are able to comb our hair, can carry groceries without any pain, or sleeping on our side with no pain until something happens like a rotator cuff tear. This unfortunate event is not very uncommon. We will take a look at the anatomy of our shoulder, specifically the rotator cuff and what might lead to a tear or make it more prone to a tear. We will also discuss some of the…

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  • Musculoskeletal System And The Digestive System

    The pelvis provides the anchor for these powerful muscles. It possesses a ‘ball and socket’ joint function, this allows 360o movement and permits agility and flexibility for the femurs (Roberts, Reiss and Monger, 2000). During running, the body’s weight is transferred successively between each leg. Large muscles such as the quadriceps…

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  • Glenohumeral Joint Lab Report

    Introduction Glenouhumeral Joint The glenohumeral (GH) joint, which is also known as shoulder joint, is a multiaxial ball-and-socket synovial joint. This joint is responsible for connecting the upper extremity of the trunk. The glenohumeral joint is one of the four joints that comprise the shoulder complex. The joint is considered to be the most mobile and least stable joint. The articular surfaces of the glenohumeral joint are the head of humerus and glenoid fossa of scapula. The humeral…

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  • Snapping Hip Syndrome Essay

    straight and resisting the natural posture of their body. It is a condition in which the dancer or athlete hears/ feels a snapping or popping sensation in the hip joint. For the majority of the population, snapping hip syndrome does not cause pain or discomfort, but in a sport where the athlete is constantly manipulating the hip joint, such as in dance, it may cause some pain or discomfort consequently leading to an interference with performance. If the dancer does feel pain or discomfort from…

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  • Forelimbs Lab Report

    2003). Human’s forelimbs are shortened and are decreased in strength compared to apes (Ruff 2003). That is due to being bipedal, having short forelimbs and long hind limbs give humans the ability to walk upright (Saladin 2003). Having the ball and socket shoulder joint gives them the ability of 360 range of motion (PBS…

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  • Mammal Like Reptiles Essay

    wide and shallow chest, a shoulder structure that allows the arm to rotate freely, and the most complex brain among primates. They are usually larger with a more upright posture that allows some of them them to walk on two legs. It is the ball and socket joint in their shoulder that allows apes and monkeys to swing in trees. Great apes are more intelligent with the ability to use tools, use language, and have complex social lives. The oldest known great apes is the Pierolapithecus catalaunicus,…

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