Hip Replacement Research Paper

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Hip replacement surgery is performed to replace the hip joint by the prosthetic implant. The replacement can be either partial or total, based on the specifications of the condition of the patient. The surgery is performed for the patients, who suffer from the conditions like arthritis pain or treatment for the hip fracture and for the replacement of the femoral head and acetabulum head. And in the place of these heads, a new socket or a ball will be placed as a prosthesis or an implant.

Hip replacement surgery in Delhi is performed for the patients, who suffer from the following hip problems.
When the person experiences severe arthritis found in the joint of the hip and progressively worsening day by day.
Common hip joint problems that would
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However, the average period, for which it works out, will be 15 years to 20 years. If the patient is in young age, there are more chances the implant can wear out a little earlier than this given period of time. If the implant replaced is worn out, there will be another surgical procedure conducted, which is called revision hip replacement.
Hip artificial replacement is of two types that are widely in practice. The first one is the cemented prosthesis and the second one is the uncemented prosthesis. The surgery is performed with the new technologies that came into existence like computer navigation technology and minimally invasive methods. The computer navigation technology involves the CAS or Computer Assisted Surgery, which is called an image guided intervention or computer aided surgery.
The usage of the computer navigation technology such as CAS will improve the accuracy and success of the surgery with many advantages. The technology helps navigation & route planning, minimal blood loss, decreased pain after the surgery, early return to the daily activities and work, short stay in hospital, increased life for the components, to minimize the incisions. All these are ensured because of the minimized complications like impingement or dislocations,

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