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  • Biomechanics In Badminton

    The sport known as badminton has its origins in ancient civilisations in Europe and Asia. The ancient game was known as battledore (bat or paddle). Shuttlecock was probably originated more than 2000 years ago in the 1600s, where it was just two people hitting a shuttlecock back and forth without it hitting the ground. In 1934, the International Badminton Federation was formed, with the initial countries, which included England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Holland, Canada, New Zealand…

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  • Surface And Body Forces

    “field” associates a physical quantity with a position. It may be time dependent. For example, T(r ⃗,t ) can represent the spatial and time-dependent temperature and ρ(r ⃗,t ) the density. These are examples of scalar valued fields. On the other hand, force or flux are examples of vector valued fields. Furthermore, stress is an example of a rank-two tensor field. Material Point notion If we consider a body with volume ”V” which separates parts of a physical space with its surface “A”, the…

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  • Bird Flight Lab Report

    & Angular Momentum Work Calculations Error Calculation Theoretical Calculations Conclusion Bibliography Explaining Flight 1.1: The Physics of Bird Flight: Components: I. Drag: (Air Resistance) The force opposite to the force of the motion of an object through a fluid. (Fluid in this report refers to the medium…

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  • Aristotle's Theory Of Gravity Essay

    as how quickly and in what direction velocity changes. The equation for acceleration is: a=∆v/∆t in which the variable a represents acceleration, ∆v represents the change in velocity, and ∆t represents the time interval. In addition, gravity is the force that attracts a body towards any physical body that has mass. Galileo Galilei discovered that the distance a standard accelerating object travels is proportional to the square of the…

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  • Potential Energy Essay

    The purpose of this experiment was to understand kinetic and potential energy and verify the Law of Conservation of Energy. Kinetic and potential energy are both forms of energy that usually coincide with each other; potential energy usually changes into kinetic energy and vice versa. While potential energy results from an object’s position or arrangement of parts, kinetic energy results from an object’s motion. Together, the sum of an object’s kinetic energy and the potential energy at that…

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  • Beaker Experiment

    Fill the flat beaker with water. 6. Place a plastic bag over the top of the cylinder and place it, upside down, in the flat beaker. Make sure the bottom of the beaker is always underwater. 7. Fasten the beaker in place using the stand, clamp and boss. 8. Place one end of the tube inside the large beaker and fasten the other to the cynical flask’s arm. 9. Quickly pour the CaCO3 into the cynical flask, plug in the rubber stopper and start the stop watch. 10. Every 10 seconds,…

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  • Relationship Between Fluid And Newtonian Fluid

    A fluid in which the viscous stresses taken place from its flow at all the point are linearly proportional to the rate of change in its deformation over time is called Newtonian fluid. Newtonian fluid explains the relationship between the shear rate and the shear stress is linear with the proportionality constant, which is to be referred as the coefficient of viscosity. Non-Newtonian fluid is a fluid where the properties of fluid flow are not similar with Newtonian fluid. In Newtonian fluids,…

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  • Bicycle Song

    “Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle. I want to ride my bicycle, bicycle, bicycle. I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike.” High pitched in all its glory—at the top of our lungs—it was “Bicycle Race” by Queen, or The Bicycle Song in the terms of an unknowing five-year-old. It started my morning for three years. Katherina would rock out to and sing this memorable song, even through its fiftieth time, with a joy that few siblings can muster. Sometimes loud, sometimes in a fit of giggles, but…

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  • Roller Coasters Essay

    The force of gravity is a force which means that any work done by it does not change the mechanical energy of the carts. The normal force of the track pushing up on the cars is an external…

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  • Driving Force Field Analysis

    look at what factors drive the change process forward and what factors resist the change. Lewin’s force field analysis provides a method for evaluating these driving forces and resisting forces (Lindauer, 2015). This method identifies these driving forces and resisting forces and helps leaders develop methods for encouraging and promoting the driving forces while minimizing or reducing the resisting forces to change initiatives. The MSPAC identified the need for change nearly a decade ago. The…

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