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  • Why Do Balls Bounce

    dropped I probably got the wrong height of the balls bounce. Bounce meaning the quality of a substance that is able to rebound. When you throw a ball on the ground it bounces right back up to you because when the ball hits the ground it puts an equal force back on the ball. Balls are made out of a rubbery elastic material, meaning they can…

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  • Physics Fair Bottle Rocket

    The acceleration of the object will increase as the force of the object increases. In this case the propelling force is thrust. In order to increase thrust, the water must be expelled from the rocket at a fast rate. Secondly as the mass decreases, acceleration will increase due to the inverse proportions and because of the increasing…

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  • The Plot Against People Suzanne Braker Analysis

    • Personal anecdotes relating to the essay where add giving it humor and something to be familiar with. • My own humor was added to make reading the essay more enjoyable. Also, to have a chance at taking a risk by adding my own humor and learning how to do it. • To help summarize the essays a conclusion was added that summed both of them up and how they relate. Baker vs. Britt In “The Plot Against People,” Russel Baker illustrates how inanimate objects tend to disappear. Baker describes all…

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  • Relatable Narrator In The Martian

    When it comes down to it, most people would rather listen to a biased tale from one of their best friends than an unbiased recollection of the same event by someone uninvolved, which is exactly why Mark Watney of The Martian makes such a convincing and relatable narrator. Andy Weir, the author of The Martian, uses personability to create an environment surrounding the botanist, mechanical engineer, and astronaut who leads the novel that gives the reader a reason to become invested. Not only is…

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  • Criticism And Symbolism Created By Euripides Medea

    When we think of an angel, we think of purity, virtue, and integrity. On the contrary, we think of a devil as being wicked, immoral, and sinful. This is why it is common to see a devil on one shoulder, and an angel on the other referenced when dealing with a problem. The real purpose of this devil and angel symbol is actually used to demonstrate a moral dilemma, caused by a dispute between your super ego- the angel, and your id- the devil. The “ego” is used to decipher what is within your…

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  • Analysis Of Peace Is Every Step By Thich Hanh

    In the second part of Thich Hanh’s book, Peace is Every Step, he discusses the methods of transformation and healing. He touches upon the aspect of feelings and how we should go about to heal ourselves and understand others on a deeper level. The three main aspects he describes are dealing with anger, understanding and recognizing differences in others, and community. Thus, overall theme of part two is being mindful about our feelings while also being sensitive to other’s feelings around us, as…

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  • Triangle Of Conflict Case Study

    Case conceptualization My clinical conceptualization of Lucy’s presenting concerns uses an ISTDP framework. Lucy’s relational difficulties in her present life are connected to her past relational pattern with her parents. She is stuck in a cycle of emotional avoidance through implementation of defense mechanisms in order to keep her anxiety down. At one point in her life, these defenses were effective but now they no longer serves their purposes and as such causes Lucy distress thus pushing…

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  • Mary Oliver Use Of Humor Essay

    One of the most obvious things I think anyone would notice in Oliver’s videos, is his use of humor. He does not just use humorous rhetoric to be funny, but it also gets your attention. When Oliver makes comparisons of serious issues to things that are comical, it makes viewers want to keep watching and even want to agree with him because he comes across as a funny, likable guy who knows what he is talking about. Not only do humorous comparisons make his show entertaining, but they also make what…

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  • Vaillant's Argument Essay

    In the article, Vaillant illustrates how one of the men they followed during the study always managed to deal with bad experiences and was one of the best examples of good mental health in the entire study. When this individual was young his mother left with his father’s best friend and his reaction was that this had just happened the same way things happen in movies. This young man also went to war because his father wanted him to be a doctor, so he decided to go against his father’s wish and…

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  • Examples Of Humor In Miller's Tale

    Tales such as the Miller’s and Reeve’s tale depict to us not only a sense of humor, but additionally portrays a sense of what medieval society was like during Chaucer’s time as an author. Mainly the way shows the livelihood and depicts the social status of characters, not only in the humorous tales but also in the more somber ones. Humor is Chaucer’s discreet way of showing the environment in medieval society. To begin with, to what extent does the humor in the Canterbury Tales show us about…

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