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  • Decolonizing Methodologies Research And Indigenous People By Linda Tuhiwai Smith Analysis

    Linda Tuhiwai Smith aim is to provide researchers from Indigenous community with a worldviews and notion for conducting research from an Indigenous perspective. The book “Decolonizing Methodologies Research and Indigenous Peoples” by Linda Tuhiwai Smith basically deals with the native people and the concept of imperialism and colonization the formation of the western research and narrates the example of how research colonized the Maori people of New Zealand. Linda Tuhiwai Smith is an…

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  • Aboriginal Academic Growth

    Define and describe at least two areas each of personal and academic growth that you have experienced as part of completing this course. The first academic growth I have taken on while studying Aboriginal is habit. In the States, we are assigned homework just like this class, but instead of having one homework assignment per week it was sporadic. So keeping a steady flow of a lecture and reading due every single week on the same day and same time made me gain a habit of doing my homework every…

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  • Sydney Opera House Essay

    but after years of close planning, it became a possible concept. The building is of outstanding universal value for achievements and structural engineering brilliance. It is one of Australia’s main icons, along with the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Australian War Memorial, but the opera house shows its significance as an architectural object of great beauty which inspires many young…

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  • The Saga Of Captain Cook: Remembrance And Morality

    power cannot exist “indefinitely”; therefore, it becomes logical to wait until there is a time when balance is returned. However, Europeans characterize this waiting as docility. Due to the role egalitarianism and non-violence has in Aboriginal Australian and Polynesian societies; the Europeans could begin to establish a claim to the land without much violent resistance. There was backlash within native communities, but the trade goods offered by the European colonists quelled much of the…

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  • Racism And Mental Health

    start to accept belief and attitudes about their inferiority. Racism may have a significant Impact on the mental health of indigenous population, especially children as it could lead to depression and anxiety. This has been reflected in the Western Australian Child Health Survey, which demonstrated that indigenous youth have higher overall incidence of general mental health problems than their none-indegenous counterpart. Furthermore, 26% of indigenous young people compared 17% of…

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  • Essay On Australia Day

    applauded by much of the left for taking a stand against a day that has apparently become a national embarassment. Australian of the year was won by someone who in his speech branded Australia as intolerant and that our attitudes are holding back anyone of a different race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. A speech from Stan Grant went viral of him saying that the Australian dream is built on racism and genocide and that we should basically all be ashamed. This was referred to as a…

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  • Emily Carr Beloved As The Sky Analysis

    had a unusually quality that depicts a place that was impossible to go, yet to surrounds Canadian’s everyday the natural world. Upon viewing the painting again in my undergraduate, I see vividly Emily Carr’s two complimentary themes, the destructive force of humanity on the natural world, and the hopeful tree reaching towards an ever expanding sky. In this way Emily…

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  • Aboriginal And Strait Islander People Case Study

    that they and every human being deserve. These policies of segregation, protection and assimilation have had an incredibly negative effect on the Indigenous population. The policies were forced on them by the British settlers in the 1800’s-1900’s (Australian Museum, 2009). The policy of assimilation caused the Indigenous population the most heartache and trauma. In the 1920’s, “half-castes” were being removed from their Indigenous mothers and families and were pushed into society to try and…

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  • Adam Goodes Year Acceptance Speech

    An Adnyamathanha and Norungga man born in Wallaroo South Australia, an inspirational captain to both the Australian public/Australian Indigenous community and the Sydney Swans…the definition of a true leader. Adam Goodes is an ex-AFL player whose legacy will live eternally, both on and off the field, regarded as an absolute all-time great of Australia’s game. A four time All Australian, two time Brownlow medal winner, not to mention the two premierships to his name, it’s fair to say he was…

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  • Savagery And Civilisation In The Novel Of Grenville

    Savagery and civilisation play a major role in the interpretation of the novel; the treatment of the Aboriginal people is what draws the line between savagery and civilisation. Grenville depicts civilisation through Blackwood’s character. His lifestyle, family and land differ from the rest of the settlers enhancing the curiosity of the reader about Blackwood. On the other hand, savagery is pronounced by Smasher Sullivan, Blackwood’s opposing character. Smasher’s treatment towards the…

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