Rock And Roll Bounce: Difference Between Motion And Force

Science Fair 2018- Rock and Roll Bounce


What is friction?

What is the difference between motion and forces?

Are there different types of motions and forces?

What is gravity?

What is Newtons law?

Does friction have to do with motion or force?

Does Newton's law apply to everything that is moving?

How is movement and forces apply to the world itself?

Do natural disasters involve motion and forces?

Does energy have to do with motion and forces?

How many types of forces are there?

How does the earth create forces?

Is an earthquake involve motion inside of the earth?

What is air resistant type of force?

Does motion happen because of force?

What is the difference between a "normal" force and other forces?
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There are about 9 different types of forces.

Primary Question

Answer: Yes, the weight and the force of an object does affect the way something is broken. The more force applied to a specific area, the more the pressure is. When a force (pushes or pull) acts on an object it results in a pressure towards the direct area. In conclusion the weight and pressure of an object does affect the way something is broken

Testing the Primary Question: One way I can test the primary question is to do a simple but well thought experiment. The experiment I have in mind is: I will get multiple types and sizes of balls, I will get either foil or saran wrap to be the object broken, then I will both roll and drop the balls on the object. After the experiment, I will record both the data from the wrap or foil and the balls. This experiment will give me both the data for the question and the data from being dropped and pushed/forced.


If, Then, Because

If balls with different weights/ sizes are dropped/ forced onto wrap, then depending on the friction/ acceleration and the balls the wrap will break, because there will be contact force on the object with causes the wrap to

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